The introduction of ‘Merleau’ represents a technical breakthrough in Salvia superba, a popular perennial species. Salvia ‘Merleau’ is first year flowering, producing striking purplish blue spikes just 100 days after sowing. Growing to a height of 40cm, its compact form and floriferous habit won the praise of the Fleuroselect judges, who particularly recommended this variety for its outstanding pot performance. Flowering abundantly when other Salvias are just in bud, ‘Merleau’ will delight in the garden from June to September.




Previously, Salvia superba has always been known as a perennial species, but Salvia ‘Merleau’ is a first-year flowering variety. ‘It can therefore be grown as an annual, but will remain hardy through the winter and continue to please year after year.

Market Value

Merleau’ produces purplish-blue spikes on a uniform, well-branched plant. It is a first-class pot performer for professional use, which will attract consumers at retail level as a genuine ‘plant in the pot’, with its mature appearance and early flowering. In the garden, it remains compact and flowers abundantly in a delightful colour, and fits perfectly into the latest garden trends.

Background Information

Salvia belongs to the family Lamiaceae, an enormous family with more than 300 species. Salvia superba, also known as Salvia nemorosa, originated as a wild plant in Brazil.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:

First year flowering, compact, good pot performance


Purplish blue


Upright double spikes, 0.5 cm diameter

Flowering Period:

June to September


Perennial, O.P., diploid


Bedding and container plant, indoor pot plant


800 seeds per gram


20 cm high in pots, 40cm in the garden, 10-12 cm wide, upright, compact form


Sow in week 12 at 18°C, transplant direct in pots in week 15 (one plant per pot). Grow outdoors in pots, depending on climate give protection the first weeks. Grow moist but not too wet.


Plant out at 25 x 25 cm

Registration details


Syngenta Flowers

Entry number:


Protection Period:

20 years

Expiry Date: