From Helsinki to Palermo, from California to Moscow... Double PinkMania!, the latest addition to the MiniFamous® series, is an outstanding summer performer in all climates thanks to its strengthened root system and its radiant pink double flowers which will not fade even during the hottest summer days. This Winner fits all medium-sized Calibrachoa growing schemes and can be grown as a single plant or in a mixed basket.



In detail

A Gold Medal is awarded to a breakthrough in breeding and this Calibrachoa fits the bill. The jury specially appreciated Double PinkMania!’s desirable pink double flowers, semi-trailing plant habit and continuous flowering season. The latest beauty in the MiniFamous® series stands for: Double Pink, Double Power!

Market value

MiniFamous® Double PinkMania! fits all medium-sized Calibrachoa growing schemes and can be grown as a single plant or in a mixed basket. Thanks to interbreeding, the root system has been strengthened making this Calibrachoa a great performer in all climates. The sturdy roots and stable colour ensure an excellent shelf life whereas the magnificent double flowers attract the eye at any point of sale. Consumers will be swept away by the vibrant pink colour and continuous garden performance from May to October. MiniFamous® Double PinkMania!, stunning and strong!

Background information

Calibrachoa was named after Antonio de la Cal y Bracho, a 19th-century Mexican botanist. Closely related to Petunia, this  species shows external differences and fertilization factors that clearly distinguish these two plant types. Root stability, very early flowering and a long flowering period characterises MiniFamous® Double, turning it into Selecta one’s new standard in the vegetative double Calibrachoa market.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:

Double flowering pink Calibrachoa with early flowering, mounded habit, and great summer performance. Better filling of flowers, larger flowers, and better summer performance compared to comparison.






Annual, O.P. cross combination, diploid.






Height 15 cm x Spread 30 cm / Semi-trailing plant form with elliptic leaf shape


Pot 1 plug in week 5-9 in a 10,5 to 12 cm pot, or three plugs in a 25 cm hanging basket in week 2 – 6.  Grow at 20° C for the first three weeks and then at 17° C. When roots have reached the rim of the pot, start applying cool mornings. Keep the plants evenly moist.


Six weeks after potting – put three plants in a 28 cm container or hanging basket.

Registration details


Selecta one

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Protection Period:

8 years

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