Petunia x hybrida MyLove Orange

Butterflies in your stomach, a raised pulse... It’s love at first sight with this powerful Petunia. MyLove Orange is the first male-sterile Petunia that is resistant to cold and hot temperatures. This beauty provides a strong, orange colour splash in any garden setting, ranging from the patio over the balcony to ground cover. MyLove Orange is a low maintenance plant with an excellent disease and weather tolerance ensuring maximum consumer satisfaction.



In detail

The Gold Medal is awarded to a genuine breakthrough in breeding. The Fleuroselect judges particularly appreciated MyLove Orange’s excellent growing performance with resistance to high temperatures as well as its superior, long flowering season. Amore, amour, Liebe, ... MyLove Orange will charm consumers across the world.

Market value

Thanks to its extraordinary branching habit, this award winner can be grown in plugs or in the pack without pinching or the use of growth regulators, at lower temperatures than other Petunias. MyLove Orange will be an instant success at retail due to its compactness and longer shelf life. The vibrant colour will appeal instantly to the consumer, who will adore this Jasmin-scented Petunia for its multitude of flowers in the garden or on the terrace from early Spring to late Autumn. MyLove Orange, a Petunia that will enchant the entire supply chain.

Background information

Petunia is a genus in the family Solanacea, subfamily Petunioideae. With MyLove Orange, the Italian seed breeder Farmen has stretched the boundaries of classical production and created the next generation of reliable, versatile, floriferous Petunia.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:

The first male-sterile, orange petunia resistant to cold and hot temperature. Small flower for this very floriferous type.




Single, 5 cm diameter

Flowering Period:

Spring to Autumn


Annual, F1 Hybrid


Bedding plant


Approx. 9000 seeds per gram; germination rate 80 %


Height 20-25 cm, spread 50-60 cm, bush shaped plant form


Sow in March-April at 22-25° C. Grow on at 10-20° C in a sunny spot. No use for PGR needed. After four weeks, the seedlings can be transplanted.


After four weeks, plant out in 14 cm pots, 22 cm hanging baskets or at 35 cm x 35 cm in the bed.

Registration details



Entry number:


Protection Period:

8 years

Expiry Date: