Due to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19, the FlowerTrials have been cancelled and the FleuroStar Contest as we know it at 9 locations cannot take place this year. Therefore, a digital edition is organised: all candidate and winner promotion will take place via the trade media and social channels. An online 2020 contest will ensure the continuity of what has become a landmark event in ornamentals, while adapting the concept to the current new reality.

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Over 30 professionals from a cross-section of breeding, production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialists choose the Winner with the Wow factor. This year, one candidate plant line-up is foreseen on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10th of June at Takii. Judges will be invited to cast their vote on appointment, either in person or by Zoom.

Results are processed by the Secretariat, evaluated by the Entries and Evaluation Committee and approved by the Board. The winner must have the largest number of judges indicating preference for the variety as a winner of the FleuroStar and score the highest number of points of Point of Sale Attractiveness and Commercial Potential.

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Scoring criteria


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FleuroStar Winners

Begonia elatior Dreams Garden MacaRouge

Breeder: Beekenkamp Plants

Osteospermum ecklonis Purple Sun

Breeder: Selecta one

Begonia hybrid Miss Malibu

Breeder: Dümmen Orange

Petunia cultivars NightSky®

Breeder: Selecta one

Verbena x hybrida Lanai Twister Red

Breeder: Syngenta Flowers

Petunia x hybrida Phantom’

Breeder: Ball FloraPlant