Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming months will remain challenging for all of us. Traditional promotional channels might very well decline in importance whereas digital marketing will be widely embraced. However, credibility remains key. Therefore, submit your new variety to the expert judges of the Gold Medals/Approved Novelty Trials. Together with the PR support of the Secretariat, these international recognitions will upgrade your marketing schemes and kickstart the commercial journey of your new variety.

For genuine breakthroughs in breeding with an excellent pack and/or garden performance.

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The Gold Medal is a renowned mark of excellence in ornamentals worldwide. Novelty Protection is granted to varieties which are proven to be new and different versus existing varieties. Novelty status is recognised amongst the Fleuroselect members and varieties are protected from reproduction.

These comprehensive trials at 15 European locations evaluate excellence in breeding and all round performance for bedding plants, pot plants and cut flowers. In addition, the results provide an excellent insight into a variety's performance throughout the season. Entries can be either seed-raised or cutting-raised.

Download the entry forms or rulebook here:
Entry Form Gold Medal & Novelty Protection Trial
Entry Form Gold Medal & Novelty Protection Trial Patio Vegetable
Gold Medal & Novelty Protection Trial Rulebook

Further Information: info@fleuroselect.com