Year of the

Rudbeckia & Cucumber

A yearly International marketing campaign from the Fleuroselect Home Garden Association, designed to boost seed and plant sales volumes to end consumers. 

2020 is the...

Logo EN rudbeckia

Logo EN cucumber

Free to use materials 

An extensive range of new images are freely available for you to use and marketing materials have been produced for you to integrate in your promotional activities.

2020 Year of the Rudbeckia 

2020 Year of the Cucumber 

The visual guidelines contain conceptual and promotional ideas on POS material, seed packages, labels, press releases and online marketing tools together with guidelines on the graphical use of the logo. The logos are available in six languages and we are pleased to create versions in any language you require. 

Editorial articles

We welcome journalists to make use of the free materials for publications. 
Please contact us for more information.

All materials have been developed in conjunction with Floramedia. For information on custom-designed marketing materials, please contact: