2023 - Calling for Entries

What is the FleuroStar Contest? 
The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials® in week 24 in the Netherlands and Germany. Over 30 experts from within the industry will score these varieties on visual impact at point of sale and commercial potential. The new ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’ will be revealed during the FleuroStar Award Ceremony.

Why should you take part? 
FleuroStar is the most publicised award in the industry. Entering the competition promises excellent benefits: a full professional promotion package including photography, a PR and social media campaign and exposure at key trade fairs. The winner will also receive an extensive lifestyle shoot.

Enter your Winner with the Wow Factor now! 
All Fleuroselect members have received an invitation to entire their Winner with the Wow Factor. If you are a member and have not received the information, please contact the Secretariat.  

Scoring Criteria
The judges from the Expert Jury are asked to award the variety points from 1 to 5 and to indicate whether or not the variety is worthy of the FleuroStar. They are asked to support their judgment with comments. Each judge makes one final score for each entry, based on all locations visited, and casts his/her vote only once. 

Results are processed by the Secretariat, evaluated by the Entries and Evaluation Committee and approved by the Board. The winner must have the largest number of judges indicating preference for the variety as a winner of the FleuroStar and score the highest number of points of Point of Sale Attractiveness and Commercial Potential.

More information
Please refer to the FleuroStar RuleBook for more information and see the scoring criteria. We also welcome all queries via email, or reach out by calling the Secretariat on +31(0)713649101.