Entries 2023

Entry No.        01/23
Species:          Coreopsis tinctoria
Colour:            Cream with dark red centre
Novelty:          Colour, plant habit, earliness
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Coreopsis grandiflora SunKiss, PanAmerican Seed (01/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Coreopsis hybrida Incredible! Dwarf Fieldgrown Mix, Takii Europe / Sahin (01/23/2)


Entry No.        02/23
Species:          Coreopsis tinctoria
Colour:           Yellow
Novelty:          Single flowers, plant habit, earliness
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Coreopsis grandiflora Presto, H.M. Clause (02/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Coreopsis tinctoria Extra Dwarf Yellow, Floragran (02/23/2)


Entry No.        03/23
Species:          Lavandula angustifolia
Colour:           Blue
Novelty:          Short stemmed and large flower spikes.
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Lavandula angustifolia Blue Scent Improved, Syngenta Flowers (03/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Lavandula angustifolia Ardèche Blue, Florensis (03/23/2)


Entry No.        04/23
Species:          Lobelia erinus F1
Colour:           Blue with eye
Novelty:          First Lobelia F1 variety from seeds, early flowering, good branching, excellent heat tolerance and field performance
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Lobelia erinus Riviera Blue Eye, PanAmerican Seed (04/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Lobelia erinus Aqua Blue, Takii Europe (04/23/2)


Entry No.        05/23
Species:          Salvia splendens
Colour:           Mixture - red/white, purple/white, pink/white, rose/white
Novelty:          White flower spikes (Calyx) with different colour florets (Corolla) - Red, Purple, Rose, and Pink
Category:        Pack + Garden
Comp. 1:         Salvia splendens Reddy White Surprise, Hem Genetics (05/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Salvia splendens Mojave Red Bicolour, Floranova (05/23/2)


Entry No.        06/23
Species:          Silene keiskei
Colour:           Pink
Novelty:          Compact-mounded semi hanging well branching plant with a lot of beautiful single flowers 
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Silene pendula Sibella Carmine, Van Hemert & Co (06/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Silene interspecific F1 Rosalyn rosy pink, Hem Genetics (06/23/2)


Entry No.        07/23
Species:          Tagetes erecta
Colour:           Golden Yellow
Novelty:          Outstanding pack and garden performance for a chrysanthemum flowered type, earliness.
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Tagetes erecta Spinning Gold, Anonymous (07/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Tagetes erecta Spinning Wheels, Takii Europe / Sahin (07/23/2)
Comp. 3:          Tagetes erecta Perfection Gold, Syngenta Fowers (07/23/3)


Entry No.        08/23
Species:          Tropaeolum minus
Colour:           Golden yellow
Novelty:          Large single flower, dark green leaves, very compact, new color in dwarf dark leaved Tropaeolum
Category:        Indoor pack + Garden
Comp. 1:         Tropaeolum minus Baby Orange, Takii Europe / Sahin (08/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Tropaeolum minus Tip Top Gold, Takii Europe / Sahin (08/23/2)
Comp. 3:         Tropaeolum majus Top Flowering Golden Yellow, Hem Zaden, (08/23/3)


Entry No.        09/23
Species:          Tropaeolum minus
Colour:           Light yellow
Novelty:          Large single flowerd dark green leaves very compact new color in dwarf dark leaved Tropaeolum
Category:        Indoor pack + Garden
Comp. 1:         See 09/23/1
Comp. 2:         See 09/23/2
Comp. 3:         Tropaeolum minus Top Flowering Single Lemon Yellow, Hem Zaden, (09/23/3)


Entry No.        10/23
Species:          Tropaeolum minus
Colour:           Red coral
Novelty:        Ruffled petals, dark green leaves, floriferous, compact plants. At germination stage very dark leaves (for baby leaf use)
Category:       Garden
Comp. 1:        Tropaeolum minus Princess of India, Takii Europe / Sahin (10/23/1)
Comp. 2:        Tropaeolum minus Baby Red (Entry 12/22), Takii Europe / Sahin (10/23/2)
Comp. 3:         Tropaeolum majus Cherrelle, Van Hemert & Co. (10/23/3)


Entry No.        11/23
Species:          Verbena tenuisecta
Colour:           Red, pink, rose, white
Novelty:          This Verbena tenuisecta selection has bright red, pink, rose and white flowers, which is a newly isolated range of colors for this species.
Category:        Container + Garden
Comp. 1:         Verbena tenuisecta Desert Jewels, Takii Europe / Sahin (11/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Verbena speciosa Imagination, Benary (11/23/2)


Entry No.        12/23
Species:          Dahlia pinnata
Colour:           Red shades
Novelty:          Seed-raised, dark pinnate leaved Dahlia with single to double flowers in red shades. Height 50 - 70 cm
Category:        Garden
Comp. 1:         Dahlia pinnata Bishop's children, Takii Europe / Sahin (12/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Dahlia variabilis Redskin Mixed, PieterPikZonen (12/23/2)


Entry No.        13/23
Species:          Lupinus polyphyllus
Colour:           Bicolour blue and yellow
Novelty:          New colour addition to this type of Lupinus
Category:        Container + Garden 
Comp. 1:         Lupinus polyphyllus Mini Gallery Blue, H.M.CLAUSE (13/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Lupinus polyphyllus Gallery Blue Shades, H.M.CLAUSE (13/23/2)
Comp. 3:         Lupinus polyphullus New Millennium Mixed, Takii Seed / Sahin (13/23/3)


Entry No.        14/23
Species:          Cosmos bipinnatus
Colour:           Bicolour pink-white
Novelty:          Early flowering, semi-double, variable bicolour pink-white
Category:        Direct Sown Garden 
Comp. 1:         Cosmos bipinnatus Double Click Bicolor Pink-White, HM.CLAUSE (14/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Cosmos bipinnatus Cosimo Collarette, Van Hemert & Co. (14/23/2)
Comp. 3:         Cosmos bipinnatus Capriola, Van Hemert & Co. (14/23/3)


Entry No.        15/23
Species:          Zinnia elegans
Colour:           Red-White bicolour shades
Novelty:          Scabiosa flowered in bicolour shades with dark eye
Category:        Garden
Comp. 1:         Zinnia elegans Cresto! Peachy Pink, Takii Europe / Sahin (15/23/1)
Comp. 2:         Zinnia elegans Zinderella Lilac, Van Hemert & Co. (15/23/2)