Gold Medal & Approved Novelty Trials

Gold Medal

Fleuroselect, together with participating members, conducts trials of new ornamental varieties at 15 private trial grounds across Europe. Entries are evaluated versus existing comparison varieties by expert and independent judges on criteria including innovation, practical use, floriferousness and garden performance. The Gold Medal is awarded to new varieties that clearly surpass existing varieties in terms of breeding innovation and beauty.

Approved Novelty

New varieties granted Approved Novelty status have been recognised by the Fleuroselect judges to be sufficiently new and different versus existing cultivars. They moreover passed the rigorous requirement for uniformity. These innovative varieties are protected by the membership from reproduction by a gentleman’s agreement amongst the members.

Novelty Protection can be purchased for the period of 8, 15, 20 or 25 years.

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Rules & entering

The Fleuroselect secretariat will call its members for entries through a direct mailing that include entering forms and additional information. 

Display Gardens 

Fleuroselect Gold Medal and FleuroStar winners are lavishly displayed in more than 50 Display Gardens across Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia. These varieties are the trendsetters of the moment, and represent the absolute top in breeding and beauty.


Watch the Gold Medal & Approved Novelties livestream of 2024 here