Calendula Candyman Orange elected as visitors' favourite

Following the Calendula trial organised this summer at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Hyde Hall U.K., Peter Seabrook and Fleuroselect are delighted to announce the results of the People’s Choice competition.

Download image in high resolution: Candyman Orange 1, Candyman Orange 2, Candyman Orange 3, Compilation

The visitors to the Calendula display located in the Floral Fantasia area chose the following varieties of seed-raised Calendula officinalis:

  1. Candyman Orange (Takii Europe, Thompson & Morgan)
  2. Snow Princess (Mr. Fothergill’s, Suttons and Thompson & Morgan)
  3. Pacific Flame Beauty (Bertrand)
  4. Neon (Takii Europe, Johnsons, Thompson & Morgan)
  5. Corniche d’Or (Bertrand)
  6. Oopsy Daisy (Takii Europe, Dobies, Mr Fothergill’s) and Orange Flash (Takii Europe, Mr. Fothergill’s, Thompson & Morgan)

From the vegetative items, Calendula x hybrida ‘Power Daisy Sunray’ from Kerley & Co. attracted the same number of votes as Snow Princess.


Peter Seabrook, gardening broadcaster and trial director: “The ‘2022, Year of the Calendula Trial’ was very popular with the visiting public who admired the wide diversity in this species. In addition to the winners the following varieties also deserve praise: the Bon Bon Series from Benary is early to bloom, compact and free flowering and an excellent choice for pots and containers; Calexis Orange and Calexis Yellow from Van Hemert & Co. are striking for the cactus flowering, quilled petalled blooms and Crown Orange & Crown Yellow from Thompson & Morgan have tall stems which are lovely to cut, have crested double centres and are very long flowering.”

Simon Crawford, Commercial Director Burpee Europe and Chair Business Unit Home Gardening at Fleuroselect: “These public votes are very valuable to plant breeders as they provide us with insights on the colours, flower shapes and plant sizes that are popular with the consumer. We definitely take these results into consideration when deciding which new breeding achievements will be launched commercially.”

2021, Year of the Calendula
This trial was set up within the framework of the ‘2021, Year of the Calendula’ campaign, an initiative by Fleuroselect to promote the diversity of Calendula to the consumer. Over 80 varieties were entered by the Fleuroselect members and planted out at several prominent gardens throughout Europe. In the U.K. at Hyde Hall, Peter Seabrook and team coordinated the trial and visitors were offered the opportunity to choose their favourite Calendula variety.

2022, Year of the Poppy and Basil
Next year, Fleuroselect will set up promotional activities and plant displays featuring Poppies and Basil.