FleuroStar Winner Dahlia Sincerity launches strong brand identity

After winning FleuroStar last year, the market demand for Dahlia Sincerity boomed and breeder Syngenta Flowers tripled its cutting production to meet the numerous orders. Now, as the season gets underway, the breeder is launching a dedicated brand identity and is offering its partners a full set of marketing materials to further stimulate the sales of this Dahlia winner at distribution and retail level.

Inspired by luxury perfume packaging

Dahlia Sincerity posThe identity that has been developed to support Dahlia Sincerity's commercial path has been inspired by strong upmarket brands.

Felicia van der Weiden, Brand Manager Syngenta Flowers: "As the huge, colourful flowers of Sincerity radiate pure luxury and elegance, we wanted to create supporting marketing materials for the high-end segment of the market. The look & feel of this identity, including the subtle use of colours and the delicate golden traits, has been inspired by the packaging of luxury perfumes. So far, we have developed a dedicated pot and label and invited our retail partners to create further matching point-of-sale material."

Colour bomb for late summer

Dahlia Sincerity 5 266pxIn line with the developed brand identity, new lifestyle visuals have been made to be used in advertisements, on social media, in catalogues and in newsletters. The late summer setting with many grasses and neutral hues provides the excellent backdrop for the impressive flowers that can reach up until 20 cm in diameter.

Felicia van der Weiden: "The photoshoot reflects the elegant, stylish look that Sincerity creates in your outside space. This Dahlia not only looks dynamic as a stand-alone item on your terrace or patio but also wonderful in the bed. It produces so many flowers you can easily cut some to put in a vase as well."

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