New Award of Garden Merit and People's Choice elected during Fleuroselect Salvia Trial

Following the '2023 - Year of the Salvia' trial organized last summer at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Hyde Hall (U.K.), Fleuroselect is delighted to communicate the results of the Award of Garden Merit assessment and People's Choice competition. Consumers visiting the garden were invited to choose their favourite Salvia variety whereas an expert panel assessed the Salvia display for the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

For this trial, over 100 varieties both from seed and cuttings have been entered by following Fleuroselect members: Danziger, EconSeeds, Floranova, Florensis, Hem Zaden/Genetics, HilverdaFlorist, Mr Fothergill's, PanAmerican Seed, Syngenta Flowers, Suttons, Takii, Voltz Horticulture and Westland.


Download images in HR here: Compilation 1, Compilation 2, Compilation 3, Compilation 4, Compilation 5Salvia splendens ‘Red Hill’Salvia 'Big Blue'Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue'Salvia 'Mystic Spires Sky Blue'Salvia greggii 'Mirage Cherry Red'Salvia greggii 'Mirage Rose Bicolour'Salvia greggii 'Mirage White'Salvia Salgoon 'Lake Blueberry', Salvia patens, Salvia coccinacea 'Lady in Red', Salvia viridis 'Bouquet Mixed'  

(all pictures are copyrighted: RHS Hyde Hall / Mandy Tout)




Salvia farinacea 'Strata' from Floranova becomes People's Choice 

Visitors to RHS Garden Hyde Hall were asked to indicate their favourite Salvia variety in the Floral Fantasia area. Over 100 species varieties were on display with one clear winner: Salvia farinacea ‘Strata’ from Floranova. The main characteristics praised by visitors were the bi-colours, compact habit and ability to attract bees. Amongst the runners up were Salvia greggii Mirage™ 'Rose Bicolour' (Florensis), Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue' (Florensis), Salvia patens (Bertrand/Econ Seeds) and Salvia viridis 'Bouquet Mixed' (Suttons).

For the People's Choice Award, consumers are given small voting-flags to indicate their favourite plant on trial while visiting the RHS Garden Hyde Hall. This year, approximately 600 votes were received. 




Eight new Awards of Garden Merit earned during Salvia Trial

Last year, the expert panel assessed the Plant of the Year Salvia on 4 different moments, resulting in 8 varieties acquiring the seal of approval:

1.    Salvia splendens ‘Red Hill’ (Hem Genetics)
2.    Salvia 'Big Blue' (PanAmerican Seed)
3.    Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue' (Florensis)
4.    Salvia 'Mystic Spires Sky Blue' (Florensis)
5.    Salvia greggii 'Mirage Cherry Red' (Florensis)
6.    Salvia greggii 'Mirage Rose Bicolour' (Florensis)
7.    Salvia greggii 'Mirage White' (Florensis)
8.    Salvia Salgoon 'Lake Blueberry' (HilverdaFlorist)

The panel consisted of experts in the areas of breeding, growing, plant trialing, retail, and social media. The criteria used are: ‘Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions’, ‘Available’, ‘Of good constitution’, ‘Essentially stable in form and colour’, and ‘Reasonably resistant to pests and diseases’.

The AGM is subject to regular review, making sure that every plant still meets the requirements to stay on the list. Following two Salvias have confirmed their AGM status: 

 Salvia coccinacea 'Lady in Red' (Takii) & Salvia patens (Bertrand/Econ Seeds)


Fleuroselect annually promotes a flower and vegetable in the ‘Plant of the Year’ campaign. The intention of this campaign is to raise awareness of specific crops for home gardening, while showing the wide choice of varieties available to the consumer. Extensive displays are planted each year in renowned public gardens where consumers and industry experts can enjoy the diversity of the species.

2024, Year of the Sunflower
This year, Fleuroselect will promote sunflowers to the international industry. In addition to an extensive publicity campaign, displays will be set up at RHS Hyde Hall, Wisley, Harlow Carr and Bridgemoor (UK), egapark Erfurt and Mainau (GE), Jardin des Plantes (FR), The Garden (NL) and TEGEASC (IE).