Five fabulous plants competing for FleuroStar

Which entry will succeed Mandevilla Sundaville Double Blush Pink from MNP/Suntory? This year, five companies – Beekenkamp Plants, Dümmen Orange, Florensis, Selecta one and Syngenta Flowers – have submitted their most impressive novelty to take part in Fleuroselect’s FleuroStar Contest. The variety with the highest visual impact at point of sale will be awarded the 'Winner with the Wow Factor' during the FleuroStar Award Ceremony on Thursday evening 13th June at the FlowerTrials location of Selecta one/Evanthia.

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MiniFamous® Uno Bakari
Selecta one

Enjoy those warm summer evenings in the garden with MiniFamous® Uno Bakari! Bakari, a Swahili name meaning ‘hopeful and promising’, symbolizes a vibrant spirit, and this new Calibrachoa from Selecta one promises to radiate energy all summer long. MiniFamous® Uno Bakari is guaranteed to bring power and warmth to every corner of the garden with its striking new pattern of yellow flowers playing with orange and red veins or even sometimes a violet border. This new introduction flowers continuously from April to the first frosts, is suitable for beddings, containers as well as hanging baskets and maintains its shiny, stable colour throughout the season. It is moreover beneficial for bees and butterflies. 

MiniFamous® Uno Bakari: Warm summer hues assured


Dahlia coccinea
Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink

Get ready to become starstruck with Dahlia coccinea Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink! This stunning new Dahlia from Florensis boasts a myriad of unique, anemone-shaped flowers in a strong pink colour with delicate pattern on the petals. Thanks to the eye-catching flowers, Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink will undoubtedly stand out on the shelves, generating many impulse sales. Furthermore, this Dahlia can be easily combined with other colours from the series for additional sales appeal. Consumers will love the unique flowers and vibrant shades, which will elevate any green setting around the garden from mid-summer until the first frost. Dahlia is hot and happening, and Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink might very well be next season’s new Star variety. 

Dalina® Maxi Starburst Pink: Bursting with beauty


Dahlia coccinea
Hypnotica® Candy Corn
Dümmen Orange

Prepare to be charmed by Dahlia Hypnotica® Candy Corn! As the name implies this new Dahlia from Dümmen Orange is as sweet as sugar with many double flowers, showcasing nature's artistry in a unique tricolor of vintage yellows, oranges, and reds. This dazzling Dahlia is not only candy for the eye as a stand-alone item in larger pots or beddings, but also a wonderful centre point in combination containers.

Thanks to its captivating colour pattern, Hypnotica® Candy Corn will fly off the shelves in the upcoming season. Consumers will delight in the breath-taking double flowers and ongoing garden performance all summer long until the first frost.

Dahlia Hypnotica® Candy Corn: Nature’s treat for the garden.  


Sunny® Klaudia
Beekenkamp Plants

Experience the enchanting beauty of Osteospermum Sunny® Klaudia! This new Spanish Daisy from Beekenkamp Plants boasts unique, large vibrant flowers in white and pink shades. This new introduction flowers continuously and reveals a different play of shades each and every day. Starting with a captivating white bloom, the heart of the flower begins to radiate in a vivid pink, eventually providing the entire bloom with a soft light-pink glow. This multi-functional plant fits easily into multiple settings, ranging from window boxes to mixed containers and lower beddings. Retail will marvel over this surprising colour palette on the shelf and most importantly the consumer will enjoy the long-lasting generous abundancy of flowers all summer long. 

Sunny® Klaudia: A new palette of colours each and every day


Petunia x hybrida
Painted Love Purple
Syngenta Flowers

Embark on a journey of floral fascination with Petunia x hybrida Painted Love Purple! This new Petunia from Syngenta Flowers is a stunning display of white and purple watercolors that seamlessly blend into a striking colour combination and provide a sense of depth to each flower. Nestled in a smaller pot, cascading from a larger hanging basket or shining in the bed, this floral work of art steals the spotlight with its undeniable presence. Thanks to the ethereal effect of this eye-catching colour combination, Painted Love Purple will undoubtedly generate many impulse purchases. From sun-drenched landscapes to cool atmospheres, Petunia x hybrida Painted Love Purple thrives in diverse climates delivering exceptional garden performance wherever it's planted.

Painted Love Purple: Nature's artistry in bloom  


About FleuroStar
The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during FlowerTrials® in week 24. The competing varieties are grown by the entering companies and will be displayed at eight contest locations. An independent panel of expert judges from a cross-section of production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialists, chooses the ‘Winner with the Wow factor’.

About Fleuroselect
Fleuroselect is the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry. For more than 50 years, industry professionals have joined together to test and evaluate new pot and bedding plants, promote award winners, protect member varieties, network with each other and contribute to the development and advancement of the industry as a whole.