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Six gorgeous plants competing for FleuroStar

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Which new variety will succeed Osteospermum ecklonis Purple Sun from Selecta one?

Fleuroselect proudly presents the six entries in this year's FleuroStar Contest. Each of these novelties is hoping to be hailed as the next 'Winner with the Wow Factor', the variety with the highest visual impact at point of sale.

FleuroStar Entries 2019 compilation- Overall downloads:
hr image of all six entries (photo on the right)
hr image of the six entries in a row (header photo)
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266x400 Begonia eliator Dreams Garden MacaRouge+logoBegonia elatior

Dreams Garden MacaRouge

Beekenkamp Plants

Feel like revitalising your outdoor space with an overload of sweetness? This vibrant red beauty is an excellent performer that is easy to take care of. Dreams Garden MacaRouge is an upright Begonia for outside spaces showing an abundance of single, bright red flowers with a sweet yellow heart. MacaRouge is a vigorous grower that looks wonderful in containers on the patio but also adds a colour burst to the beds. This cutting-raised Begonia will refresh the garden with its dashing colour until the first frosts and requires little maintenance.
MacaRouge, an energizing shade for a delightful garden

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266x400 Begonia x hybrida Viking Red on Chocolate+logoBegonia x hybrida

Viking Red on Chocolate

Sakata Ornamentals

Looking for an all-weather performer that is fast-growing and offers massive colour? Viking Red on Chocolate from Sakata Ornamentals offers sturdy, shiny leaves in a unique, dark chocolate shade,  the darkest on the market in any weather condition, contrasting beautifully with the bright red flowers. This interspecific hybrid Begonia branches well, flowers early, performs in the cool seasons as well as hot summer and offers masses of flowers right up until the first frosts. Viking Red on Chocolate is the perfect choice for garden beds or landscapes and quickly fills up big containers on the terrace or patio.
Viking Red on Chocolate: Grow for Victory in gardens and landscapes!

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266x400 Pelargonium interspecific Pretty Little Pink Splash+logoPelargonium interspecific

Pretty Little Pink Splash

Syngenta Flowers

Looking for a vibrant colour shot for outdoors? Pretty Little Pink Splash from Syngenta Flowers is the perfect gift item that brightens up any outside corner. Top notch interspecific breeding resulted in this gorgeous vegetative Pelargonium with plenty of single, bicolour flowers in irresistible pink shades. This well-branched, sturdy plant is heat tolerant and performs outstandingly. Pretty Little Pink Splash has a mounded plant shape and is ideal for adding a blinding dash of colour to the terrace.
Pretty Little Pink Splash, a powerful pop of pink on the patio

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266x400 Pelargonium hybrida Red Explosion+logoPelargonium x hybrida

Red Explosion


The latest Pelargonium hybrida from Florensis is super sustainable! This flexible, versatile newcomer is suited for a profitable production as it stays naturally compact without any use of PGR. With its attractive intense zonal leaves and red flower power, Red Explosion is a real colour burst that brightens up any green space. This Pelargonium is self-cleaning and has a great summer performance. Red Explosion is highly consumer-friendly: it makes masses of flowers until autumn, is heat and drought resistant and does not require any maintenance at all. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!
Red Explosion, a torrent of summer colour

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266x400 Pelargonium zonale Survivor Idols Rosalinda+logoPelargonium zonale

Survivor Idols Rosalinda

Dümmen Orange

The sweetest of flowers on the most sturdy plants, that’s Survivor Idols Rosalinda. The latest Pelargonium zonale from Dümmen Orange shows a multitude of double flowers that look like mini-roses in a stunning bright pink shade. The dark, healthy foliage is the perfect background to highlight these charming blooms. Survivor Idols Rosalinda displays excellent branching power and is not only suited for the balcony, terrace and garden but is also a strong performer for landscaping. This newcomer from cuttings is compact, easy to care for and will bloom all summer until autumn.
Survivor Idols Rosalinda, a lover for balcony boxes and beds

- Download high resolution images here: close-up / overall


266x400 Xerochrysum bracteatum Granvia Gold lifestyle+logoXerochrysum bracteatum

Granvia® Gold

MNP flowers

Go ahead and touch me! Create your own sunny space with this spectacular new strawflower! Granvia® Gold from MNP flowers shows remarkable big flowers with an intense, bright yellow colour and a heart that produces orange pollen at a later stage. The petals have a unique structure of crispy paper-like petals that will grab your attention straight away. Granvia® Gold is much stronger, better branching and earlier flowering than other varieties on the market. This Xerochrysum is easy to grow and has an excellent garden performance.
Granvia® Gold, the crispy touch!

- Download high resolution images here: close-up / overall

Contest Locations
logo flowertrials fcThe FleuroStar Contest will be held during the FlowerTrials® at nine locations in The Netherlands and Germany: Beekenkamp, Benary (at Kébol), Dümmen Orange (new location in Aalsmeer region), Fleuroselect stand at Takii, Florensis, PanAmerican/Kieft Seed, Sakata, Selecta one (German location) and Syngenta FloriPro Services.

Expert Jury
Over 30 professionals from a cross-section of breeding, production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialists choose the Winner with the Wow factor.

During the FlowerTrials® each judge will cast his/her vote after visiting one or more of the Contest locations in the Netherlands and Germany. The winner is the variety with the highest average score on commercial potential and point of sale attractiveness.
FleuroStar Evening Event
The new FleuroStar winner will be revealed during the FleuroStar Evening on Thursday 13th June at Syngenta Flowers, De Lier, The Netherlands. Registrations for this evening are taken via the Fleuroselect website.

Further Information
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