Six stunning candidates competing for FleuroStar

Which entry will succeed Petunia Grandiflora Bee's Knees from Florensis/Ball? This year, six companies – Brandkamp, Dümmen Orange, Florensis, MNP / Suntory, Prudac and Selecta One – have submitted their most impressive novelty to take part in Fleuroselect’s FleuroStar Contest. The variety with the highest visual impact at point of sale will be awarded the 'Winner with the Wow Factor' at the FleuroStar Award Ceremony on 15th June. 

Download the visuals in high resolution: Compilation, FleuroStar logoPurple Sunset F1, Ballerina™ ArabesqueGlimmer™ AppleblossomPlaya Sun JuanaSundaville® Double Blush PinkSolfaro Lisboa.


Capsicum annuum
Purple Sunset F1

Get ready for some spice with Capsicum annuum Purple Sunset from Prudac ! Its trendy fruits gradually change colour from deep violet over golden yellow to red, while new ones keep developing. In addition, they contrast beautifully with the plants’ dark green leaves, making this an ultra-modern addition to your green space. Pepper Purple Sunset F1  grows naturally compact and can therefore be produced in 10 to 13 cm pots without the use of PGRs. Growers will appreciate its ease of cultivation and the sustainability it lends, while retailers will love the numerous presentation possibilities this colourful variety offers. Last but not least, consumers will marvel over its fashionable look on the patio, balcony or even on the kitchen windowsill.

Enjoy the play of shades in Purple Sunset F1 every day!  


Ballerina™ Arabesque
Dümmen Orange

Ballerina™ Arabesque is ready to make a star entrance! This new Fuchsia hybrid from Dümmen Orange is early to medium-early with elegant, red/white large and double flowers which remind us of tiny, twirling ballet dancers. Bred and selected for day-neutral flowering, Ballerina™ Fuchsia is the perfect choice for production without additional lighting and extra early sales. Thanks to its well-branching, naturally compact habit, cultivation requires very little PGRs and plants can be grown in packs up to 13 cm pots or in hanging baskets. Arabesque will not only thrive on the terrace or balcony but will perform equally well in borders or flower beds. Retailers and consumers will be enthusiastic about the beautiful contrast between Arabesque’s bi-coloured double flowers and fresh green leaves, as well as its continuous flowering throughout the whole summer season. Did we mention that it attracts bees and pollinators?

With Ballerina™ Arabesque, the industry will be asking for an encore! 


Impatiens walleriana
Glimmer™ Appleblossom

Always hoped to see fairies in your garden? With Glimmer™ Appleblossom from Florensis, you might come across one who puts sparkles on the petals to make them shine. This double flowered Impatiens walleriana with large pale rose-like blooms is part of the Glimmer™ series with high resistance to Plasmopara destructor, the cause of downy mildew on busy Lizzie. This impatiens shows well-branched, mounded plants that thrive in full to partial shade. Glimmer™ Appleblossom can easily be produced in pots, hanging baskets or patio containers. Retailers and consumers will be amazed by these iridescent pale pink blooms, which bring back the confidence of having a disease-free summer display with this much-loved garden favourite. 

Glimmer™ Appleblossom, a fairytale come true for your green space.


Lantana Camara
Playa Sun Juana
Selecta One

Looking for a sun loving colour buster that requires little water? Selecta one proudly presents Playa Sun Juana: an eye-catching Lantana camara that changes its flower colour from yellow-orange at opening to bright magenta when mature. The densely branched plants have a mounding habit and a very low seed set. Growers will appreciate its ease of cultivation with either one or no pinch and the low to no PGR use depending on container size. Thanks to its positive vibes and warm colours, Playa Sun Juana will shine on the benches at point of sale. Consumers will opt for this amazing variety because of its heat resistance and continuous flowering all through the summer up to November. Last but not least, Playa Sun Juana is an absolute magnet for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. 

Playa San Juana, a hot must-have that’s easy to care for! 


Sundaville® Double Blush Pink
MNP / Suntory

Trendsetters are in for a treat with Sundaville® Double Blush Pink, the first double-flowered Mandevilla from MNP / Suntory. Sundaville® has become an established brand name on the market, and this new variety adds to its solid and innovative reputation. Double Blush Pink displays bright, deep cream-pink flowers that contrast elegantly with the emerald green leaves and will bloom from early summer until autumn. Growers can rely on the proven cultivation characteristics of the Sundaville® classic range. Double Blush Pink’s gorgeous flowers will undoubtedly catch the eye in hanging baskets or containers at the point of sale. Thanks to its rich branching and abundant flowering, consumers will love this sophisticated must-have to add a dash of luxury to the terrace or patio.

The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink brings you double happiness.


Pelargonium zonale
Solfaro Lisboa

Invite a summer destination to the garden with Solfaro Lisboa! The newest addition to the pelargonium series of Brandkamp continuously develops numerous attractive inflorescences so that plants are always full of colour. This bicolored Pelargonium zonale displays balls of charming white/pink florets above its healthy green leaves. Solfaro Lisboa is cutting raised and displays a perfect upright growth habit with gorgeous, large blooms. Both growers and retail will appreciate its great uniformity and early flowering with up to 4 flower heads in the first flush. Consumers will love the bright, big flowers making it the ideal pelargonium for containers and beddings.

Solfaro Lisboa adds the holiday feeling to your green space!


About FleuroStar

The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials® in week 24 in the Netherlands and Germany. The competing varieties are grown by the entering companies and in 2023 will be displayed at eight contest locations. An independent panel of expert judges from a cross-section of breeding, production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialists, chooses the ‘Winner with the Wow factor’.