Seven stunning candidates competing for FleuroStar

This year, seven top companies – Beekenkamp, Brandkamp, Dümmen Orange, Florensis, Royal Van Zanten, Selecta one and Syngenta Flowers – have submitted their most impressive novelties to take part in Fleuroselect’s FleuroStar Contest. The variety with the highest visual impact at point of sale will be awarded the 'Winner with the Wow Factor' at the FleuroStar Award Ceremony on 16 June.

Download the visuals in high resolution: CompilationFleuroStar logo, SpaceStar Maia, Ibis, Hypnotica® Rose Swirl, Bee’s Knees, Colorita® Claressa, Fancy Francy, Mermaid Lavender.

High class, low energy

Alstroemeria Colorita Claressa Royal Van Zanten

Colorita® Claressa
Royal Van Zanten

An elegant variety that can be sustainably produced? Make way for Alstroemeria Claressa, the latest addition to Royal Van Zanten’s Colorita® series. This ball-shaped innovation is sure to catch the eye with its refined white flowers that measure 6 cm in diameter, stunning variegated foliage, and a lancet leaf shape. Colorita® Claressa is propagated via tissue culture, requires minimal energy input during cultivation and has a compact plant habit. Retail will welcome this new leaf colour to complement the series and the large white flowers will surely stand out on the benches. Whether placed on the balcony, patio, or in the garden, consumers will love this easy to care for perennial that attracts pollinators while flowering continuously until autumn.
Colorita® Claressa, for a distinguished outdoor look all summer long!

Intergalactic delight for in- and outdoors

Begonia rex SpaceStar Maia BeekenkampBegonia rex
SpaceStar Maia

Meet the latest trendsetter in leaf Begonia! SpaceStar Maia presents silver leaves with an outstanding pattern, slightly ruffled bright edge and overall pink glow. This newcomer is cutting-raised, compact and shows a mounded plant shape. Both an indoor and outdoor plant, SpaceStar Maia is very versatile, looking fantastic in containers, hanging baskets and bedding. This leaf Begonia can be grown in cooler temperatures and requires less energy, a real advantage for the grower. In addition to its versatility, retail will value the prolonged shelf life, making it very easy to care for on the benches. Consumers will admire the attractive colour combination and welcome SpaceStar Maia as a wonderful and modern addition to the house and garden. 
SpaceStar Maia, a cosmic allrounder. Out of this world into your living space!

Fancy Up Your Life!

Calibrachoa x hybrida Fancy Francy Selecta OneCalibrachoa x hybrida
Fancy Francy
Selecta one

The sight of Calibrachoa Fancy Francy from Selecta evokes freedom and light-heartedness, feelings that everybody loves in the summer. This charming variety delights with a special play of colours: from the yellow flower centre, the multicoloured flower edges change from intense pink to rose and white with rising temperatures. Fancy Francy is well branched, resistant to powdery mildew, needs few growth regulators and thrives well in warm surroundings. The early flowering abundance of pretty flowers will convince retailers. With Fancy Francy, consumers will take home a relaxed summer feeling that will turn their gardens, terraces and balconies into true places of relaxation.
Fancy Francy, a colourful charmer throughout the summer!


Dahlia hybrida Hypnotica Rose Swirl Duemmen OrangeDahlia hybrida
Hypnotica® Rose Swirl
Dümmen Orange

Allow Dahlia Hypnotica® Rose Swirl from Dümmen Orange to captivate you with its charm! This annual variety from cuttings displays many large, distinct flowers up to 10 cm diameter with bicoloured petals that are pink on the outside and white towards the center. Growers will love this well-branched, uniform variety which integrates easily in existing Dahlia production schemes. The firm blooms with exceptional bicolor will surely catch the eye at the garden center and generate impulse sales. Consumers will not only appreciate Hypnotica® Rose Swirl as an enchanting stand-alone item but also as an excellent variety for mixed containers or flower beds that will flower late into autumn.
Hypnotica® Rose Swirl, an alluring addition to the outside space!

Powerful colour, prolonged season

Iberis x hybrida Mermaid Lavender Syngenta FlowersIberis x hybrida
Mermaid Lavender
Syngenta Flowers

Meet the latest breeding breakthrough from Syngenta Flowers! Iberis Mermaid Lavender is the first flowering Iberis which is suited for summer production and features an intense lilac colour. As Mermaid Lavender does not require vernalization, growers will be able to generate flower induction later in the season. Thanks to the dazzling rose-purple flowers and the compact, upright plant habit, Mermaid Lavender not only stands out in a solitary plant display but also looks wonderful in mixed containers. Retailers can offer an Iberis with gorgeous lilac flowers on the benches from late spring well into summer. Consumers will love this dazzling, easy to care for performer which provides continuous colour throughout summer.
Mermaid Lavender, a vibrant summer splash for the garden!

Resilient summer sensation

Tropic Lantana Ibis BrandkampTropic Lantana

Feel like adding that summer glow to your outside space? Tropic Lantana Ibis from Brandkamp fits the bill! This ball-shaped innovation presents a mix of orange and yellow flower clusters measuring 5cm in diameter with striking green leaves. Ibis is strong, sterile and performs well in both dry and rainy conditions. Growers love the uniform plant shape, exceptional branching, compact growth habit and early flowering. Garden centres will appreciate the yellow-orange flowers and excellent shelf life. Tropic Lantana is a true pollinator magnet, attracting bumblebees and butterflies to the garden, for that ultimate summer feeling on the patio, balcony and in the garden.
Say hello to sunshine; say hello to Ibis!

The picture of perfection

Petunia grandiflora Bees Knees FlorensisPetunia grandiflora
Bee’s Knees

‘Bee’s Knees’, come again?! The name of the latest Petunia of Florensis has been inspired by the similar American expression indicating excellence and high suitability. This newcomer presents an abundance of intensive yellow flowers, offering a high-impact show all season long. Bee’s Knees is heat tolerant, thrives in rainy conditions and maintains its beautiful colour throughout the summer. Growers will appreciate the outstanding branching which ensures nicely filled plants. The masses of intense, yellow flowers are guaranteed to generate impulse sales at point of sale while consumers will appreciate the versatility of Bee’s Knees. Whether planted in containers or in the landscape, the extraordinary garden performance will excite both novice gardeners and expert landscapers.
Bee’s Knees, the ideal partner for your outside space!


About FleuroStar

The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials® in week 24 in the Netherlands and Germany. The competing varieties are grown by the entering companies and in 2022 will be displayed at eight contest locations. An independent panel of expert judges from a cross-section of breeding, production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialists, chooses the ‘Winner with the Wow factor’.