Celosia argentea plumosa Arrabona

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

'Arrabona' is a stunning new colour in Celosia argentea plumosa. This striking red-orange beauty has outstanding garden performance and an exceptionally long flowering season. The variety is tolerant to drought, loves the heat and is therefore excellent for tropical, subtropical and continental climates. A Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded in recognition of exceptional ornamental breeding and 'Arrabona', named for an ancient Hungarian city, is a creation of Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kováts, master breeder at the Research Institute in' Budapest. The Fleuroselect judges were particularly impressed with the variety's vivid novel colour, superior garden performance and overall uniformity.


'Arrabona' has a very long flowering season and will delight gardeners with a striking presence in both borders and containers. It is magnificent in a single-coloured planting, but can be combined effectively with reds, yellows, whites and blues as an accent in striking mixtures. 'Arrabona' is particularly tolerant to drought and heat and is thus a low-maintenance plant, making it an excellent option for parks and landscaping in all climates. The public will moreover adore the exotic beds of strong colour.

Market Value

Growers will appreciate the uniformity and excellent germination (85-95%) and on retail benches the compact, sturdy plants with their exotic plumes will attract customers at first sight. Celosia argentea plumosa is easy to cultivate from seed and the hobby gardener will be able to produce masses of fiery flowers from a single packet.

Background Information

Celosia belongs to the Amaranthacea family and goes by the common name of cockscomb, feathered amaranth or woolflower. It originated in tropical and subtropical regions. The wild form is Celosia argentea and cultivars are divided into C. cristata and C. plumosa. Celosia plumosa is characterised by elegant plumes with feathery flower spikes that are coloured crimson, scarlet or gold. Celosia cristata is crested with tightly clustered brightly coloured flowers that form into a wide cockscomb. 'Arrabona' belongs to the selection of dwarf varieties that are entirely suitable for edging borders, but equally attractive in containers. This Hungarian-bred fiery beauty will delight garden lovers worldwide.

Technische information

New colour. Most uniform
July to October
Annual, O.P., diploid
Bedding Plant
1400 seeds per gram
Height 35 cm

Sow seeds at 20°C in February under glass. Grow on at 18°C.

Plant out at 16 plants/m² or at 25 cm x 25 cm distance in sunny spot. Tender.


Hem Genetics
15 Jahre