Nicotiana Avalon Bright Pink

Gold Medal

Just imagine a pack filled with compact Nicotiana plants, strongly branching with dark green leaves, just beginning to flower in a striking shade of pink … surely a grower's dream? Nicotiana 'Avalon Bright Pink' makes that dream reality. 'Avalon Bright Pink' is a genuine 'plant in the pack'. This beautiful new variety flowers from May to the first frosts with an abundance of vibrant pink stars. The compact, uniform habit of 'Avalon Bright Pink' brings the traditional tobacco plant right into the twenty first century.

In Detail

Nicotiana alata (synonym for N. affinis nana) originates from South America and is family of the Solananceae (Nightshades). The species has gradually become a very popular bedding plant. Its major characteristics are floridity, long flowering period and a rich colour range. Of the many different Nicotiana sorts available, Nicotiana x sanderae cultivars are distinguishable by their round, compact form. 'Avalon Bright Pink' stood out in the 1999 Fleuroselect trials for its extremely compact form, 30cm high with a 30cm spread, and its floriferousness, a combination resulting in a neat mound of vibrant pink colour in the garden. The judges were particularly impressed by 'Avalon''s performance in the pack trials, where this variety proved itself a genuine 'pack performer', a quality which is certain to please growers. This combination of technical quality and effervescent floral beauty made this breakthrough in tobacco plants a sure fire Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner. Nicotiana 'Avalon Bright Pink' is an annual bedding plant which performs well in many settings in the garden and on balconies. It works well on its own or in small groups in a flowerbed, but is equally successful in balcony tubs and hanging baskets. Although Nicotiana is ideally suited for professional grower use, hobby growers can also grow it successfully from seed. The fine seed should be sown indoors in February and uncovered it will germinate in 1-2 weeks at 18C. The seedlings can then be pricked off and grown at 18°C in 10cm containers. After 90-95 days 'Avalon Bright Pink' will flower and can be planted out after the frosts in a sunny spot (or half shaded in warmer climates) at 30cm planting distance.

Technical information

Vibrant pink
Mass of single, star-shaped flowers; 4-5cm diameter; flowers May – first frosts
Annual; F1 hybrid
Bedding and container plant for professional growers and amateur gardeners
9000 seeds per gram
Extra compact; 30cm spread; Lance shaped leaf

Sow inside Jan – March without seed cover. 90% germination at 18-24ºC; grow on at 10-15ºC.

Plant out green at 30 x 30 cm in a sunny spot.Flowers 90 – 95 days after sowing.

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