Myosotis alpestris Bellamy Blue

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Feeling blue after the long, cold winter? Myosotis Bellamy Blue will lift your spirits! With its innovative darker blue hue, this newcomer expands the colour palette of the early spring range. Bellamy Blue does not require vernalisation and is therefore suited for a longer season.

Growers will love this innovation as its cultivation fits in perfectly in any existing Myosotis scheme. Retailers will welcome the spectacular darker blue colour at moment of sale. Finally, consumers will adore these cute, petite, darker blue flowers which announce the arrival of spring.

The jury commented that the deeper blue colour was not yet existing in vernalization free Myosotis and therefore awarded Bellamy Blue with a Gold Medal for 2022.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Compact first year flowering pot-beddingplant. No vernalization needed. Deep Blue flower colour and nice intensive green leaves. Plant habit: starts as a ball type and spreads out later in the season.
Deep blue
Single | Diameter: 0.8 cm | Days sowing to flowering: 65 to 80 days
Flowering Period:
Early spring to October
Annual | O.P. | Diploid
1800 seeds/gram
Height: 15-20 cm | Spread: 15-20 cm | Plant form: Spreading type | Leaf colour: RHS 137-A Green Group | Leaf shape: Small lancet type

Sowing temparature: 20 °C | Sowig time pack: December - early January | Sowing tim garden: February | Sowing conditions: light covered | Germination conditions: humidity stable

Grow at: day 10 °C \ night 5 °C | Light: Sunny | Container size: 9-12 cm

Synny spot

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years years
Expiry Date: