Ammobium alatum Bikini

Gold Medal

1996 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner Ammobium alatum Bikini is notable for its compact, extremely uniform habit. Growing only 30 to 40 cm tall, it is markedly shorter than the conventional type. It's button like white flowers with yellow hearts measure 2 cm across and sit on stiff upright stems. Sowing in April `Bikini' will bloom from June to September. It provides eye-catching bedding plants as well as fine cut flowers for fresh and dry arrangements.

In detail

Ammobium alatum belongs to the Compositae and originates from Australia, where it is a common perennial plant. In colder climates it can only be grown as an annual plant. Its main characteristics are the "winged" stems and "crispy", yellow flower heads surrounded by white petals. The original species grows 50 to 60 cm high and is mainly used by professional growers for fresh or dried cut flower arrangements. `Bikini' is the name of this new variety, which was recently awarded the coveted Fleuroselect Gold Medal for its compactness, its uniformity and its excellent garden performance. 'Bikini' will therefore, surely make Ammobium more popular with home gardeners. Its uniformity and straight strong stems are also significant improvements for cut flower use. Ammobium alatum 'Bikini' will do well in many settings: in (patio) gardens and tubs. It can be attractively planted out in small groups. In colourful displays and borders it will provide the indispensable harmony. Although until now Ammobium was mainly used by cut flower growers, hobby gardeners will enjoy growing 'Bikini' directly from seed. Sown indoors in April it germinates in 4 - 7 days at 15 - 20 °C. The seedlings can be planted out after the frosts in May at a distance of 20 x 20 cm in a sunny spot.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Most compact and very uniform selection
White with yellow heart
Daisy form, 2 cm
Flowering Period:
Flowering from June to September
Professional growers, producers of dried and fresh
2000 seeds per gram, approx. 90% germination
Height 30 40 cm, spread 20 cm, upright bush form,

Sow indoors in April. Grow on at temperature 10 - 15 °C, transplant in May

Transplant in May at a distance of 20 x 20 cm (25 plants/m²) in a sunny spot

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0 years