Begonia cultivars California Sunlight

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Come rain or shine, Begonia cultivars California Sunlight ensures a warm glow on the patio or in the garden. This newcomer is a semi-upright, bushy plant with great garden performance all summer long. Its abundant, large orange flowers beam above the dark foliage and cascade down the plant, leaving a swirl of colour from late spring until the first frost. This cutting-raised variety will stand out in pots, hanging baskets and containers as a solitary attraction or centre piece, but will also look wonderful in mixed beddings. California Sunlight is drought and rain tolerant and thrives in full sun and shade.

In detail

Fleuroselect awards a Gold Medal to breakthroughs in breeding, the main criteria being innovation, beauty and use. The jury highly appreciated this Begonia’s improvements at grower level and is convinced that growers and retailers will be equally enthusiastic. Rewarded for its outstanding overall performance, California Sunlight now glows as a 2015 Gold Medal winner.

Market value

California Sunlight is easy to grow and ship thanks to its upright habit and excellent branching. This fast bench runner is suitable for both pots and hanging baskets. Also retail will love this exciting newcomer for its habit: California Sunlight allows an effortless display. Its large, orange flowers and dark foliage will be simply irresistible on the shelf. California Sunlight is perfect for today’s consumer, being easy to care for and highly floriferous. An outstanding summer performer that will shine throughout the entire supply chain!

Background information

Begonia boliviensis was introduced to Europe in 1864 by Richard Pearce who discovered the plant in the Bolivian Andes. It is typically found in rock crevices and slopes near streams, where plant competition is low. Numerous garden varieties commercially available today have been derived from this species. With California Sunlight, Selecta Klemm has successfully created a variety that offers advantages for growers, retailers and consumers.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Semi-upright plant with great garden performance. Orange flowers present nicely above dark foliage all summer long.
Single, diameter of 2.5 cm
Flowering Period:
May until first frost
For pots, hanging baskets, containers and mixed beddings
Semi-upright habit, Height: 30 cm; Spread: 30 cm

Cuttings: Available as URC. Let cuttings root with coarse medium at 21°C. Pinch after third node before fifth node develops. Do not overwater or over-mist. Transplant and grow at 18°C under short day without the use of PGR. Supply sufficient Nitrogen. Grow on warm and bright and do not overwater. Suitable for pot size 12 cm. 

Plant out in May on a sunny or half shady spot

Registration details

Selecta Klemm
Entry number:
Protection Period:
15 years
Expiry Date: