Canna generalis Cannova® Bronze Scarlet F1


Feel like introducing that Mediterranean feeling into the garden? Cannova® Bronze Scarlet is a flamboyant yet elegant plant. The large bronze leaves contrast spectacularly against the scarlet, lily-like flowers making this winner a highly ornamental garden plant. Cannova® is the first F1 hybrid Canna series from seed bringing this originally tropical plant to gardens with a cooler summer climate, e.g. the Netherlands, Germany and the U.K. Its robust growth and more extensive branching ensures lavish flowering throughout the summer until the first frost. Cannova® is highly versatile and suited for the border, as a patio plant and even by the waterside. Bronze Scarlet F1 from Cannova®, a real breakthrough in Canna!

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In detail

The FleuroStar is all about the ‘wow factor’ and this Canna absolutely fits the bill. An independent panel of over thirty horticultural professionals visited nine contest locations during the FlowerTrials® to choose the winner with the highest visual impact at retail. According to the jury, “Cannova® Bronze Scarlet F1 is a true eyecatcher with its stunning flower-leaf contrast and high novelty value for both southern and northern markets.” 

Market value

Cannova® Bronze Scarlet F1 is the exciting new colour combination in Cannova®, the first F1 hybrid Canna from seed. Young plant production is improved as after harvesting, the seed receives a special scarification treatment for better and more uniform germination. Cannova® is the earliest flowering Canna on the market. Plugs are available as of December, finished plants in April. In addition to being grown in larger pot sizes and containers, this beauty can also be raised to its fully mature flowering stage in a pot as small as 12 cm. This means not only more plants per m² of production and selling surface, but also more efficient loading during the transport phase. Cannova® displays healthy growth and a good branching habit which results in beautifully filled pots and a healthy, lush-looking final product with an excellent shelf-life. Introduced in May 2013, Cannova® was available in various stunning colours from yellow to pink and red. Cannova® Bronze Scarlet F1 now brings a trendy dark-leaved variation into the series which together with the handsome scarlet flower is sure to satisfy garden lovers everywhere.


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Cannova® Bronze Scarlet F1 is a new colour combination in Cannova®, the first F1 hybrid Canna from seed. This newcomer is early flowering, compact to grow and suitable for cooler summer climates
Bronze leaves – scarlet red flowers
Scarlet red, lily-like
Flowering Period:
May-June until the first frost
Annual, F1 Hybrid
In larger pots on terrace/patio, in the garden and even at the waterside
Height 40 cm for 12 cm pots; 60-70 cm for bigger pots.

Use a well-draining potting compost supplemented with PG Mix. Growing day temperature 15-20°C, night 15-18°C. Growing at lower temperatures (15°C) naturally provides compact growth and better branching. Fertilise with NPK 15+5+30 and extra magnesium and trace elements. pH: 5.5 - 6.2; EC: 1.5-3.0. Keep the potting compost moist but not too wet and the temperature of the irrigation water above 15°C during the winter. Pot size: 12-19 cm. PGRs: Bonzi, Alar, Tilt can be used if desired. Length of cultivation from potting up to flowering is 9-16 weeks.

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