Penstemon x mexicali Carillo Red

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

“Ai, ai, caramba!”  That is what retailers and customers will say upon the introduction of Penstemon x mexicali Carillo Red. Its new, strong red colour, early flowering and improved upward branching make this seed-raised perennial a splendid addition to any garden. Butterflies and hummingbirds (if outside Europe) will be attracted by the fierce colour. This perennial thrives well in sunny conditions and needs a well-drained, moderately fertile soil. ‘Carillo Red’ is best planted in groups and looks fantastic in front of a perennial border, or in a more formal bedding style garden.

In Detail

A Gold Medal is the Fleuroselect award for excellence in breeding. In the garden trials, ‘Carillo Red’ scored particularly high on floriferousness. The judges were genuinely impressed by its captivating colour and excellent all-round performance. Carillo Red delivers the full package of new colour, floriferousness and a nice mounded habit. That is why the jury decided to award this beauty with a Gold Medal for 2014.


Penstemon x mexicali Carillo Red stands out in the front of a perennial border, or in more formal bedding style gardening. It needs a well-drained, moderately fertile soil and a sunny spot. Carillo Red does not like wet winter conditions .

Market value

Penstemon x mexicali Carillo Red will be excellent for garden centre sales in the week 24 segment. The good colour and high floridity on deep green shiny leaves will make it easy to sell in an impulse market setting. It is quick to finish with a high uniformity degree. Carillo Red is a strong Red on a showy and presentable plant. As this colour is not so common in perennials, the Penstemon x mexicali is a wonderful addition to the whole retail range. When not yet flowering , the shiny deep green foliage on the bushy plants is attractive and holds promise for later flower power.

Background information

Penstemon is a large genus of North American and East Asian flowering plants that belongs to the Plantaginaceae family. The most distinctive feature of the genus is the prominent staminode. Border penstemons are easy to grow in a fertile, reasonably moist soil in the full light. The breeder of Carillo Red was aiming at creating a highly floriferous variety with a strong red colour that can bloom all summer long.


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Carillo Red is a new, strong Red in Penstemon that flow¬ers early. Thanks to its strong upward branching, this Gold Medal winner is very floriferous and therefore a fierce colour patch in your garden.
Single – 1 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
June - August
Perennial, O.P., diploid
Bedding plant
1700 seeds per gram
Height 30 cm, spread 25 cm

Sow seeds at 18-20°C end February. Do not cover seeds, sow 1sd/plug in a 288 tray. Keep the soil uniformly moist, not wet to optimise germination. Grow at 18-20°C and trans­plant early April in a 10.5 pot. Plants need full sun. PGRs are not required. Cultivation succeeds best in a well-drained soil.

Plant out mid-May spacing 35 cm x 35 cm.

Registration details

Kieft Seed
Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date: