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Lobelia x speciosa Compliment Scarlet

Gold Medal

Compliment Scarlet is the first seed variety of a new species, producing glowing scarlet flowers on long spikes. Suitable for use as a dot plant in summer bedding, it is perennial in milder climates. As a cutflower, it lasts a long time in water and the flower buds continue to open in the vase, making it par ticularly suitable for floral decoration.

In detail

Compliment Scarlet is the first seed propagated variety of a new species. Producing its glowing scarlet flowers on elegant long spikes in the year of sowing, the new Lobelia is adapted to use as a dot plant in summer bedding schemes, as a perennial border plant (in milder climates) or as a long lasting cutflower. The new tetraploid species was developed originally by Canadian botanist Dr. Wray M Bowden from the native North American species Lobelia cardinalis, L. fulgens and L. syphilitica. The F1 hybrid seed strain was developed from this material, giving plants which are earlier and with larger flowers than the well known border plant, Lobelia fulgens. Compliment Scarlet produces upright non branching spikes to a height of some 75cm. The flowers, 4cm deep and 2,5cm wide are arranged all round the stem, contrasting beautifully with the deep green leaves. Grown as an annual, the first buds open as early as July and continue for 2 -3 months. As a perennial, it will flower earlier the following year, though plants need some protection over winter, except in mild climates. The new Lobelia is particularly suitable for use as a cutflower. The blooms are long lasting and the buds continue to open in the vase. The plants can be forced into early flower, responding to a temperature of 10-12°C and 16 hour daylength. As well as its use as a cutflower, Compliment Scarlet is an attractive dot plant for interplanting in summer flower beds of taller annuals. Imagine it among African Marigolds, for example! In the perennial border, the luminous flowers can be seen from a great distance when backed by shrubs.

Technical information

Bright scarlet
12,500 seeds per gram, 0.2 grams for 1000 plants, 80% germination

January - February. Germination 14 -20 days at 18°C. Do not cover seeds (light germinator). Grow at 10 -14 °C in cell packs.

Transplant from April onwards to open ground (light frosts are tolerated). Force from January at 10 -12°C in long days of 16 hours.

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