Coreopsis tinctoria Corusco Cream-Red

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Looking for a distinctive, early-flowering plant to style your garden? Coreopsis Corusco Cream-Red from Van Hemert & Co is a true must-have for your garden. Showing many cream with burgundy flowers, this innovative dwarf variety is a very welcome addition to the existing Coreopsis range. Corusco Cream-Red is low-maintenance, attracts bees and butterflies and is drought tolerant. This new winner with striking colour combination and compact plant shape can be enjoyed as of early spring throughout summer.

A Gold Medal winner symbolizes a breakthrough in breeding. Our judges praised the unique, eye-catching colour combination and the early flowering habit. This brand-new Coreopsis is not only suited for direct sowing, but also for easy production of young plants in pots and containers. Corusco Cream-Red, a striking and sustainable addition for the spring garden.

Market Value

Corusco Cream-Red is suited for both professional production and home gardening. Growers will appreciate this seed-raised coreopsis for its cost-effective and sustainable production process as it can be grown in small pot sizes at low temperatures. Retail will marvel over its sparkling colour combination which will surely stand out on the benches. Corusco Cream-Red not only performs well in containers on the patio, but also looks spectacular in beds and fields. Home gardeners will be amazed by this Coreopsis tinctoria that brings colour to the garden early in the season, attracts pollinators and needs little water.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Colour, plant habit, earliness
Cream with dark red centre
Single, 3 cm diameter
Bedding, Patio
2700 s/gr; 90% germination
Height 20 cm, width 25 cm, compact dome shape

Corusco Cream-Red can be produced in pots or directly sown in the garden. For pot production, sow late February/early March at 20°C. Use slightly moist soil and cover seeds lightly. Grow at 18°C by day and min. 12°C by night.
Keep dry and transfer to 12cm pots late May. Alternatively, sow directly in the garden late April. Flowering will start 75 days from sowing.

30 cm x 30 cm distance in a sunny spot

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