Gazania splendens Daybreak Bright Orange

Gold Medal

Daybreak Bright Orange is a new introduction in seed Gazanias. It will be a strong opponent of the existing seed or cutting gazanias. The "Daybreak" series is already well known, but this new offspring, as a true F1, reaches the peak of beauty, uniformity and productivity. Daybreak Bright Orange is early and beautifully compact. Its flowers are an unusual intense colour of orange with a small brown ring around the bronze coloured heart. It flowers abundantly up until the first frosts.

In detail

Gazania originally comes from South Africa. The most common garden plant is the G. splendens or to be more exact the "rigens" which exists in the colours orange, bronze, yellow, pink and white. The petals are often brown at the base and form an attractive ring around the heart. The flower closes in the dark, completely opening at the dawn of a sunny summer day, arising as a colourful fountain. The most well known Gazania hybrid series "Daybreak" is named after this surprising effect. For the second time in few years, a new Gazania from this series, Daybreak Bright Orange has been awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. After the golden-yellow winner Daybreak Garden Sun in 1990, this orange offspring is again earlier, more profusely flowering and more uniform than any other seed gazania. Particularly noticeable is the attractive compact growth of the plant and the 8 cm large, single flowers with their bright orange colour. The flower colours harmonise stunningly against the green leaves. The uniform flowers give the garden a warm carpet of colour. The bedding plant grower can supply this F1 hybrid Daybreak Bright Orange in flower from May, if he sows in January. The seeds should be lightly covered and kept damp to germinate at 21°C. Seedlings can be planted in 9 cm pots or sets (16 or 24) after 3 weeks. Growth regulators are not necessary. The hobby gardener can grow Daybreak Bright Orange quite easily from seed, but should take into account a later flowering as a result of lower temperatures. From May onwards the garden centres are full of "ready made" flowering plants. Gazania tolerates drought, salty air and wind. It will really stand out at the edge of a sunny border or rockery, and furthermore perform splendidly in containers. If grown on a sunny spot in well drained soil, an exceptionally rich and long flowering season is the reward.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Intense colour, compactness, uniformity and abundance of flowers.
Bright orange with small, brown ring around brown/yellow centre
Single flowers; diameter 8 cm
Flowering Period:
June to the first frosts
F1 hybrid (diploid), annual
Bedding plant growers, landscapers and hobby gardeners
500 seeds per gram, 75% germination at 21°C if lightly covered and damp
Compact; height 23 cm; diameter 30 cm; green leaves

Grow at 15°C (night temperature 12°C); grow in 9 cm pot or sets.

Plant out after night frost spaced at 25 cm in a sunny spot

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
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