Helianthus annuus Desire Red

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Longing for something new in the garden? Desire Red is a sensational dwarf Helianthus variety which dazzles
consumers with its innovative, unique russet flowers. The deep, rich red colour makes it just perfect for the late
summer range. This high performer is an early, profusely flowering variety—new blooms form continuously on
its multiple branches well into autumn, and blend wonderfully with its dark green foliage.

Desire Red can be marketed as an attractive seed packet product, as plug or flowering pot and container plant. Gold Medals are only awarded to genuine breakthroughs in breeding and this Helianthus fits the bill. The jury was impressed by the innovative flower colour in this dwarf series and the multiple branching, and predicts this winner a bright commercial future. Desire Red will be on everyone’s wish list for summer!

Market Value

Desire Red is suitable for planting or sowing in both beds and borders as well as in larger patio containers. This winner can be cultivated very successfully as a high-quality pot plant, especially in 3-liter containers, but is also suitable for production in smaller pots. Its long sales season from May to August make it an ideal product for impulse purchases in garde centres and retail outlets.

Consumers will be absolutely delighted by this highquality, long-flowering garden plant. Desire Red enhances the compact sunflower range by adding a new colour dimension that brings a warm, summery touch to both gardens and patios alike. What’s
more, pollinators just love the deep dark centre of this sunflower. Desire Red, the next must-have in Helianthus!

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Taller dwarf with multiple branching. Unique flower and foliage colour in combination with the habit.
Single | Diameter: 12-15 cm |Days sowing to flowering: 65-70
Flowering Period:
65-70 days after sowing (start) till about 6 weeks later
Annual | F1 hybrid
Height: 70 cm | Spread: 80 cm | Bush, multiple branching plant form | Purple-green leaf colour | Sunflower leaf shape

Desire Red can be produced in pots or directly sown in the garden. For container production, sow at min. 18°C and apply standard conditions for germination. Grow at 20°C and transplant in containers with min. 15 cm diameter after three weeks. In the garden, sow Desire Red from mid-May to end of June. Sow 1-2 cm deep and cover with soil or vermiculite. It will take 65-70 days to flowering.

Registration details

Burpee Europe
Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date: