Lewisia cotyledon Elise Ruby Red

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Following on from the highly successful Lewisia Elise Mix, Elise Ruby Red is a stunning, single coloured Lewisia cotyledon which allows producers to grow another single colour alongside Elise White and Mix. Its abundant, continuous flowering provides a delicate looking, yet very strong pot or garden plant that will flower for four to five months after sowing until the first frosts. Elise Ruby Red blooms continuously throughout summer, lighting up beds, borders, containers and rock gardens. Tolerating heat and drought well, Lewisia Elise Ruby Red is also perfectly happy with cooler temperatures and will overwinter with protection from wet weather.

In detail

Gold Medals are awarded to the latest accomplishments in breeding. The Fleuroselect jury was genuinely impressed with the single, captivating colour and outstanding growing performance and therefore awarding Elise Ruby Red a Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Not anymore. Please step aside for Elise Ruby Red!

Market value

What the grower was waiting for! A single, separate colour of first year flowering Lewisia cotyledon with an excellent germination rate and uniform plant habit. As this Winner does not require vernalisation, Elise Ruby Red can be produced so much faster. This newcomer will stand out at retail for its unique new, radiant colour and excellent shelf life. Consumers will marvel at this sun-loving succulent in bright red that stands up to heat and drought perfectly and blooms and reblooms again all summer long. Elise Ruby Red, a single-coloured Lewisia now available in one season!

Background information

Lewisias are native wildflowers from the Pacific Northwest and from the Rocky Mountains in the US. They were collected by Meriwether Lewis in the early 1800’s during his quest for the Northwest Passage. Traditionally grown as perennials in alpine houses, new breeding brought the Lewisia Elise series which flowers in its first year, making a bright and attractive annual bedding plant.


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New, separate colour in first year flowering Lewisia cotyledon. Abundant and continuous flowering throughout the season.
Ruby red
Single, 2.5 cm diameter
Annual, O.P., Diploid
Bedding plant
Approx. 2000 seeds per gram; germination rate 70-80%
Height 12-15 cm, spread 15-20 cm, rosette shaped plant form

Sow in early January in the pack at 18-20°C and mid-February in the garden. Cover seed with vermiculite and keep moist, not wet. Grow at 17°C at day and 15°C at night in a well-drained medium such as peat or cocofiber. The seedlings can be transplanted after eight weeks and finished at 10-13°C.

Plant out in a 10.5 pot or use three plugs for a 15 cm pot. Lewisia performs best in containers.

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
15 years
Expiry Date: