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Tagetes patula Espana Mix

Gold Medal

A brightly formulated mixture with large single flowers, Espana Mix has the earliness and prolific flowering of the best modern marigolds. Easy to grow, it will be popular with home gardeners everywhere.

In detail

Single Marigolds are the new fashion for 1989! And here for the first time is a brightly formulated mixture with large flowers and garden performance to match the best. Espana Mix contains colours ranging from pure bright yellow to a deep chestnut red with a gold rim and includes orange and mahogany blotched golden yellow. Other mixtures of single marigolds have not matched the developments in earliness, uniformity and flower size which have already taken place in double marigolds. But Espana Mix has uniformly excellent performance across its colour range. The first blooms are early and large, often 5cm or more across, with rounded petals giving a classical form. They are produced early just on top of the compact plants. In the garden, the prolific production of new buds ensures a blaze of colour throughout the summer, whilst the plants remain uniformly low growing. This new Award Winner is easy to grow, like all French Marigolds. From a single packet of seeds, the amateur gardener can have a bright display of colours only a few weeks later. Although a sowing temperature of about 20°C is necessary, the seedlings can be grown on in a cool greenhouse and will be ready for planting outside, after the last frost, some 8-10 weeks later. Alternatively, plants may be purchased from garden centres and other bedding plants suppliers at planting time. Espana Mix revels in bright sunshine and is an ideal choice for flower beds in home gardens as well as for public display.

Technical information

Bedding plant
350 seeds per gram, 5 grams for 1000 plants, 80% germination

For bedding plant production, sow 8-9 weeks before spring sales at 20°C. Avoid damping of with standard chemicals. Germination time: 7-14 days. Prick off at normal spacing. Grow on at 18 °C until established

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