Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red bred by Takii Japan is a powerful colour blast not only in gardens or landscapes, but also in containers. This semi-double type presents strong, upright blooming flowers in radiant red. Fiona Red is self-cleaning and provides continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frost.

A Gold Medal signifies a breakthrough in breeding. This award is only given to varieties that truly excel in innovation, beauty, use and overall performance in the Fleuroselect trials. The jury scored this winner highly for floriferousness and innovation and clearly sees the commercial potential of this new variety. Fiona Red is therefore awarded with a Gold Medal for 2019.

Market Value

Growers will love the high degree of uniformity and early flowering, enabling easy production. The attractive flower shape and vibrant colour encourage impulse purchases, making Fiona F1 very attractive for retail. An excellent garden performance, long flowering window and nicely filled, large flowers will make Fiona beloved by everyone. The radiant red semi-double flowers are an eye-catcher throughout the entire season. Fiona Red, the next level in double-flowered Begonia.

Background Information

Begonia is a genus of continuously flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae and is native to moist, subtropical and tropical climates. The different groups of Begonias have varying cultural requirements, but most species come from tropical regions, so they and their hybrids require warm temperatures. With the F1 Fiona series, Takii has shown its expertise in breeding a semi double-flowering Begonia with an excellent through-season performance.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Early blooming, upright flowering and self-cleaning in semidouble type
Double, 3.5 cm diameter
Annual, F1, diploid
Patio and bedding plant
Height 20 cm, spread 20 cm

Sow in the pack in December at 21°C in 288 plug cells. No need to cover and keep moisture high until first true leaf develops. No pinching. Grow on at 15 - 25°C. Transplant after 6-7 weeks. No need to use PGR. Plant out after 10 weeks in the full sun.

Plant 1 plant in a 9 cm pot or plant out 25 plants per m2; planting distance is 20 cm x 20 cm.

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date: