Fuchsia Florabelle

Gold Medal

Fuchsia Florabelle earned its Fleuroselect Gold Medal for innovation in breeding: growers can now produce a small flowered uniform Fuchsia from seed. New Florabelle offers good germination to provide a unique small flowered plant covered with masses of purple and red flowers. This well branched variety flowers in 14 weeks from seed, and performs well in commercial production of 10 cm pots and hanging baskets.

In detail

Fuchsia belongs to the Onagraceae family and originates from South America. Breeders in England and U.S.A. have created more than 2000 different crossings from about 100 known species. Fuchsias are grown as little trees or in hanging baskets depending on the variety. The bushy plants measure 60 - 100 cm. Once in flower they continue throughout the summer. This new, seed grown Fuchsia will surely further increase the unbelievable popularity of the breed with consumers and hobby gardeners. Florabelle is the name of this innovation in Fuchsia breeding. This beautiful, small flowered, well branched novelty with masses of purple and red flowers truely earned its Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Moreover, its habit and structure, its earliness and its uniformity bring unique benefits to professional growers. Florabelle also rewards the sowing hobby gardener who carefully follows the guidelines for growing Fuchsias. Other gardeners, however will enjoy Florabelle by buying the plants from their garden centre. Florabelle shows best in hanging baskets, window boxes, etc. in (half) shaded spots. For good results Florabelle should be sown in a greenhouse or in a window box in January. The seeds germinate at 21 - 24°C and may be covered lightly to maintain humidity. After 6 - 7 weeks at 23°C they can be transplanted in a 10 cm container. The plants flower after 10 - 12 weeks at 20°C and can then be planted out. For faster cultivation (14 weeks), Florabelle must get additional light (e.g. from 10.00 pm to 2.00 am) during 55 - 65 days after transplanting. Flowering will start immediately after the long day period. Growth regulators may even cut the cultivation time by another 4 - 7 days.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
First small flowered Fuchsia from seed, freely branched without pinching.
Red sepals with purple petals
Semi double flowers of 3 cm diameter bloom continuously from initiation.
Hexaploid F1 hybrid.
Annual for professional bedding plant growers
Approx. 3600 seeds per gram, 70% germination
Height x Spread 35 x 30 cm; branched with dark green to bronzing leaves

Sow indoors early January, lightly cover the seeds; germinate at 24°C; transplant 42 - 49 days after sowing in 10 cm containers; then either opt for: -Fast cultivation (14 weeks)

Grow on for 55 - 65 long light days (10.00 pm to 2.00 am) at 20°C to flower; growth regulator decreases time by 4 - 7 days; -Increased uniformity (17 weeks): give 30 short days followed by 50 long days; Growth regulators cut the cultivation time by 4 - 7

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