Centaurea cyanus Florence Pink

Gold Medal

The Centaurea Cyanus Florence White and Centaurea Cyanus Florence Pink, two new varieties of cornflower, have been awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal.The plants have a noticeably attractive round form due to the number of branches at the base. The pink and white colours of the double flowers are delightful. Uniformity in the height and development of plants is a must in contemporary horticulture. The quality of these Centaureas in the garden is perfect and they are an excellent filler for borders. They can be planted out early, but are also suitable for direct sowing. These gold medal winning pink and white cornflowers are certainly a welcome addition for the professional grower and the consumer.

In detail

The pink and white cornflowers Florence owe their particular ornamental value to the unusual form of the plant. The low branches together with the beautiful colours of the double flowers have resulted in Fleuroselect awarding this very attractive bedding plant the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. The grey leaves form a perfect background against which the flowers contrast superbly. `Florence' is resistant to a light frost and can therefore be planted out in early spring. Moreover, for those gardeners without a greenhouse or young plants, `Florence' be sown directly to give plants which flower later in the year. Professional as well as amateur gardeners can harvest success with these cornflowers. It is a true achievement to breed a Centaurea cyanus with these qualities and beauty. Florence White and Florence Pink have therefore rightly been awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal 1994.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Compact plant with very low branches
Double flowers, 3 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
June to September
Open pollinated, diploid
Professional plant growers and amateur gardeners
Approx. 250 seeds per gram, > 80% germination
Height 35 cm, Spread 25 cm, branched from the base

Sow in week 4-11; germination 7-10 days

Plant out after 14 days Germination temperature 15-20°C; cultivation by 7-12°C. Planting distance 25 x 25 cm; sow in a sunny spot

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PanAmerican Seed
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