Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold

Gold Medal

In 1989 Fleuroselect tested several entries of Limonium (or statice). Of the different novelties trialled, the yellow entry really excelled, by providing a massive colour display and was awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Forever Gold is a rather compact Statice and suitable for bedding as well as for cutting and drying. Compared to other Statice, Forever Gold produces large, yellow flowers on strong, compact stems very early and throughout the season.

In Detail

Testing Limonium Sinuatum Forever Gold the Fleuroselect judges came across something unexpected: Forever Gold brings new aspects to Statice for its strong compact stems and its beautiful yellow colour. Moreover it is very early and provides a massive colour display throughout the season, by producing several canopies of bloom in succession. Altogether these characteristics make Forever Gold the best choice for bedding, drying and cutting for professional and hobby gardeners. Although it still requires sowing in a greenhouse or otherwise indoors, Forever Gold is easier to cultivate by home gardeners than existing Statice. Professional growers will be surprised by its uniformity, earliness and all-season production, making Forever Gold a reliable profit maker. Whatever the technical qualifications of any ornamental variety may be, most important remains the ornamental value itself. Again, Forever Gold scored Gold in the comparison trials of Fleuroselect for its large flowers, long season, uniform growth and attractive colour. Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold makes a good show in combination with pastel shades as well as with bright primary colours, whether in the garden or in a vase. Therefore, it can be rightly called a "multipurpose" Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Earliness, size of flowers, good stems, compact growth.
Big flowers
Open pollinated, annual plant
Bedding, cut or dried flower for professional and amateur use
approx. 380 seeds per gram.
60 cm. x 40 cm. (height x spread).

Sow in greenhouse, transplant early in a sunny place

Registration details

Takii Seed/Sahin
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Protection Period:
0 years