Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii Goldblitz

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

PanAmerican Seed are true experts in breeding, and their next Gold Medal for Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii Goldblitz proves just that. This newcomer in the Kieft Brand is a first-year-flowering solution for growers that are unable to reliably finish Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm under their natural growing conditions. Goldblitz plugs do not require special treatment during the production process while delivering the same quality as the traditional Goldsturm. This brand-new Rudbeckia fulgida flowers approximately 14-21 days earlier, is more uniform grown in its first year and has an excellent garden performance.

Goldblitz will not only look at its best in containers or borders later in the season but is also highly suitable for landscaping. The golden yellow flowers with dark centre attract bees and butterflies, and also look wonderful in a vase to brighten up the house. Goldblitz allows the production of a flowering Rudbeckia fulgida in one season and remains an excellent performer that will bring joy to many gardens.  

Goldblitz, the next generation in Rudbeckia fulgida

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
14-21 days earlier to flower and more uniform to flower while maintaining excellent garden performance
Single / Diameter: 7-8 cm
Flowering Period:
end July - October
Perennial / O.P. / Diploid
Height: 80 cm / Spread: 60 cm / Plant form: clump Leaf shape: ovate, coarsely toothed

Sowing temperature: 20-22C / Sowing time garden: end Feb. / Sowing conditions: 288 plug; 1 Sd/plug; cover seed / Germination conditions: St1 : Moisture level 4; germination requires light

Grow at: 16-20C / No need for growth regulator / Transplanting: 88plug in 10,5cm / Plant out: end May / Cultivations: well drained soil and needs high light and active growing climate; moderate feed

Planting distance: 40 x 40 cm / Hardy 

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years
Expiry Date: