Nicotiana Havana Appleblossom

Gold Medal

The striking pastel colour combination of Nicotiana Havana Appleblossom is just one of its many qualifications that make it a real winner. Other winning characteristics are its excellent plant habit, dwarf in pot and rich in the garden, its floridity, lasting throughout the summer until early October and its very good weather tolerance. Surely Havana Appleblossom will raise the position of Nicotiana in the range of most popular bedding plants.

In detail

Nicotiana alata (synonym for N. affinis nana) originates from South America and is family of the Solanaceae (Nightshades). The species has gradually become a very popular bedding plant. Its major characteristics are floridity, long flowering period and a rich colour range. The fragrance of Nicotiana is very apparent and attracts butterflies. `Havana Appleblossom' is one out of many very good novelties, that have recently been tested by 23 international Fleuroselect judges. Yet, they unanimously chose this variety to deserve the Gold Medal for beauty and innovation. Although it already stood out for uniformity in the indoor trials, the climax came after planting out in the garden, where it got the highest points ever scored for attractiveness. Even though its other characteristics are also excellent, the delightful colour com¬bination of pastel white and rose explain as well its name `Appleblossom' as its Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Annual bedding plant Nicotiana `Havana Appleblossom' performs well in many settings in the garden and on balconies. It can just as beautifully be planted out on its own as in small groups, or in huge displays, but, also in balcony tubs and hanging baskets. Although Nicotiana is mainly used by professional growers, also for hobby gardeners it is most rewarding to grow it from seed. The fine seed should be sown indoors in February and not be covered to germinate in 1-2 weeks at 18°C. The seedlings can then be pricked off and grown at 18 °C in 10 cm containers. After 80-90 days Havana Appleblossom will flower and can be planted out after the frosts at a sunny spot (or half shaded in warmer climates) at 25 cm. planting distance.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Unique, attractive pastel colour, excellent habit and good weather tolerance
Appleblossom white/rose
Single, elliptic flowers of 6 cm diameter bloom from June to October
Diploid F1 hybrid
Annual bedding plant for professional growers and amateur gardeners
Approx. 8300 seeds per gram, 80% germination
Height x Spread 40 x 35 cm; branched with dark green foliage

Sow indoors in February, do not cover the seeds; germinate in 1-2 weeks at 18°C.; continue growing at 18°C. in 10 cm. container; allow 80-90 days to flower in pack

Plant out after the frosts at a distance of 25 x 25 cm. on a sunny spot or half shaded in warmer climates

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