Verbena speciosa Imagination

Gold Medal

Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner Verbena Speciosa Imagination introduces a new flowering annual plant on the market. Its deep violet blue colour and spreading habit make Imagination an attractive innovation in seedgrown Verbena, which extends the assortment for bedding, balconies and hanging baskets.

Verbena Speciosa Imagination is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Derived from hybridisation of two species the new Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner Verbena Speciosa Imagination will create a lot of expectations on the market. Thanks to its valuable qualities, it extends the assortment of summer-long flowering annuals for bedding, balconies and hanging baskets. Landscapers grow Imagination like all other Verbena in order to cover the soil quickly and abundantly with vibrant violet blue flowers. Professional growers preferable grow it for decoration of balconies and for sales in hanging baskets. Hobby gardeners can easily grow healthy plants of Verbena speciosa Imagination, that flower abundantly in every part of their garden, border or hanging basket. Imagination also goes very well with wild flowers and herbs. Using its overhanging habit hobby gardeners show imagination and creativity to distinquish their gardens and balconies from current standards and trends. Vibrant violet blue and innovative, Fleuroselect Medal Winner Verbena speciosa Imagination challenges both professional and amateur landscapers to extend the borders of gardening.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Spreading and hanging habit for use in baskets and on balconies.
Deep violet blue
1 cm diameter with umbels to 5 cm
Open pollinated, annual plant
Bedding plant for professional and amateur use in gardens and in baskets
approx. 900 seeds per gram
30 cm. x 30 cm. (height x spread).

As other Verbena: Sow in greenhouse.

Transplant early,requires sun

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