Viola tricolor Imperial Frosty Rose

Gold Medal

Sometimes flowers, like beautiful Viola Tricolor `Imperial Frosty Rose' surprise at first sight. The Fleuroselect judges knew they had a possible winner before the 1991 trial season ended and long before the other good characteristics of this new pansy were known, its attractiveness and beauty made it a true winner. Happily the first, emotional impressions of `Frosty Rose' are justified by many more good qualifications, such as its early flowering, its suitability for year round culture and its temperature resistance. But its most decisive feature for impulse buyers, as well as for Fleuroselect judges, are its big and beautiful flowers: Rosy purple with white upper petals.

In detail

Pansy Imperial Frosty Rose exhibits a sparkling new colour of rosy purple with white upper petals. It is surprising how flower breeders manage to introduce such unexpected, beautiful colours in Pansies. Several times before such pansies were awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal for innovation and attractiveness, such as Jolly Joker and Padparadja, therefore it is yet a higher achievement, that Fleuroselect judges awarded another Pansy: Frosty Rose. The deep purple lower flower petals of Frosty Rose gradually change to rosy purple edges and finally disappear in the icy white upper petals. The yellow throat sharply contrasts with the deep purple of the flower centre. Because of its good performance under high temperatures, professional bedding plant growers can offer flowering plants of Pansy Imperial Frosty Rose for sale almost all year round. Very good germination figures and short cultivation period make Frosty Rose a pure professional. But also home gardeners can raise Frosty Rose just as easily as other pansies, by sowing in late Summer (for Autumn and Spring flowering) or in Spring for Summer flowers. Like all Pansies, `Frosty Rose' is perennial and can be encouraged to flower again, if plants are trimmed back after a big flush of blooms.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New colour, earliness and warmth resistance.
Rosy purple with white upper petals
8 cm in diameter
F1 hybrid, year round culture
Bedding plant for professional growers and hobby gardeners
approx. 800 seeds per gram
15 cm. x 20 cm (height x spread).

Sow in greenhouse

Transplant and grow as other pansies

Registration details

Takii Seed
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