Viola x wittrockiana Imperial Gold Princess

Gold Medal

If you like pansies, you will like Fleuroselect Gold Medal winning Pansy 'Imperial Gold Princess' even more. Showing a real new colour combination of a deep red blotch on golden yellow petals, it looks attractive at first sight. In combination with its reliable performance and regular habit, it fulfils your expectations in the garden. The large flowers bring a feeling of warmth to your bedding display.Look at the very attractive new colour combination of 'Imperial Gold Princess': A deep red blotch on golden yellow petals. These flowers, carried above the deep green foliage, draw everyone's attention to this new 1991 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. The Pansy offers its beauty nearly all year round, but really excels in Spring.

In detail

Professional bedding plant growers can produce the beautiful flowering plants about 1 week earlier than comparable varieties. The pansy can be planted almost year round, but is at its best in Spring and Autumn. Home gardeners raise 'Imperial Gold Princess' just as easily as other pansies, sowing them in late Summer (for Autumn and Spring flowers) and again in Spring for Summer flowers. Like all Pansies, this medal-winning Princess is perennial and can be encouraged to flower from Spring to Autumn, if the plants are trimmed back with garden shears after a big flush of blooms. There are numerous applications for pansies, even when there are many alternatives. Ever tried pansies in a patio tub or in small cutflower arrangements? Landscapers cannot do without pansies in spring nor in autumn. Parks and Gardens need pansies for early colour and to replace faded bulb flowers. Pansies are getting year-round recognition. Fleuroselect Medal Winning pansies, like Jolly Joker, Padparadja and this Viola wittrockiana 'Imperial Gold, lead the way.

Technical information

Bicolor, yellow with red/brown lower petals
Diameter 7,5 cm
Flowering Period:
Early Spring to late Autumn
F1 Hybrid Flowers
715 seeds per gram, approx. 2 grams for 1000 plants, 80-90% germination at 15°C
Height 15 cm., spread 20 cm

Follow normal practice for pansies

Follow normal practice for pansies

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