Petunia Lavender Storm

Gold Medal

Outstanding garden performance even during inclement weather", "Very good rain tolerance" "Extremely good weather tolerance" and "Attractive, nice colour" were frequent remarks made by Fleuroselect judges when referring to Petunia Lavender Storm. Unlike other grandiflora types this new lilac beauty finally defeats the sole objection against Petunias, their rain intolerance. Of course multiflora types were specially bred for gardening in rainy areas, but gardeners who prefer bigger flowers do not need to hesitate any more. Plant Lavender Storm. It's in the name! The plants remain nicely compact with a height of 30 cm and a spread of 40. The flowers measure 9 cm across. Let us hope for a large range of colour variations on Lavender Storm.

In detail

Petunias originate from southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The species P. violacea was the main ancestor of modern cultivars. Due to their carefree, big and colourful flowers Petunias have always been one of the most popular bedding plants in spite of their lesser rain tolerance. For that reason smaller flowered "multiflora" types were introduced for wetter climates. Another alternative was Impatiens, but the "busy lizzie" on the other hand is not very heat or sun tolerant. One breeding company has therefore, concentrated on introducing sun resistant Impatiens as well as rain tolerant Petunias. It is exactly for this aspect that their new grandiflora Petunia Lavender Storm has won the 1996 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Its mass of lilac-lavender flowers of 9 cm across endured the organisation's wet trial grounds in north-west Europe as well as the best multiflora types. Moreover, the attractive colour and compact habit of Lavender Storm contributed to admiration by the Fleuroselect judges. Petunias are generally bought as bedding plants, but conscientious hobby gardeners with the right conditions will not have any great difficulty in growing it from seed. After the frosts `Lavender Storm" can be planted out in borders or tubs. It prefers a sunny spot with airy ground and not too much nutrition. "Ton-sur-ton" it will not only perfectly match with other pinkish and blueish petunias or impatiens, but will also contrast boldly with white Cosmos and Nierembergia or with blue cornflowers and Salvia farinacea. And how about putting it individually or with hanging petunias (surfinias) in a hanging basket or patio tub.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Extremely good weather tolerance
Lilac lavender
Single, 9 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
May to November
Grandiflora; F1 hybrid; Diploid; Annual bedding plant
Bedding plant growers and hobby gardeners type
8000 seeds per gram
Height 30 cm, spread 40 cm; Well branched; Green foliage

Sow and grow in a greenhouse at 21°C

Plant outdoors after frosts at 30x40 cm in a sunny spot.

Registration details

Syngenta Flowers
Entry number:
Protection Period:
0 years