Lobelia erinus F1 Masterpiece Blue with Eye

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Looking for a striking summer performer which is easily produced? Masterpiece Blue with Eye from Benary is the first F1 Lobelia from seed on the market that can truly keep up with vegetative F1 hybrids in terms of performance. This Lobelia flowers very early with larger, striking blue flowers with a white eye and displays a well-formed, mounding plant habit. Masterpiece Blue with Eye truly stands out thanks to its excellent heat tolerance in summer and impressive field performance. This winner not only looks at its best in beds and fields, but is also very suitable for pot and container production.

A Gold Medal winner stands for a breakthrough in breeding and Masterpiece Blue with Eye absolutely fits the bill. The jury praised the luminous and eye-catching innovative colour and was impressed by the early flowering and strong garden performance. The flexibility of seeds in terms of sowing combined with the outstanding performance of cutting-raised varieties and intense blue large flowers is a true breeding achievement indeed.

Masterpiece Blue with Eye, a work of art for every garden.

Market Value

Growers will appreciate the flexibility in ordering compared to cuttings, fast delivery and attractive price of this seed-raised Lobelia. Sowing is easy thanks to the availability of pelleted seeds. With a short crop time of only 12-14 weeks and a very early flowering habit, Masterpiece Blue with Eye enables a maximal growing capacity in the greenhouse. The compact plants are easy to ship and save space on the trolley. Retail appreciates the larger flowers in the key colour, over the pot and container sizes. Consumers will love this variety because of the excellent heat tolerance, impressive summer performance regardless of the weather conditions and versatile use in beds, pots and mixed containers. 


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
First Lobelia F1 variety from seeds, flowers early, has good branching and has excellent heat tolerance and field performance
Blue with Eye
Single, 1.5 cm diameter
Annual, F1 hybrid
Bedding, patio
36000 s/gr; 80% minimum germination
Height 30 cm, width 40 cm. Mounding habit

Sow end of January for flowering in late April and onwards. Use 4 seeds per plug, no need to cover. Germinate at 20°C, transplant plugs after 4-5 weeks. Plants can be cultivated with days shorter than 12 hours, growth regulator is required. It will take 12 to 14 weeks from sowing to flowering.

Plant out end of May at 30 x 40 cm in a sunny or shady spot

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