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Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic


Discover this Calibrachoa’s completely new three-dimensional colour pattern! Double PinkTastic from Selecta one truly catches the eye thanks to two bicoloured pink-white circles of inner petals in each flower.  MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic looks spectacular as a stand-alone item in a pot, but also works wonders in combined containers. Flowering from spring until autumn, this beauty with its novel bicoloured pattern produces new flowers over and over again and provides a fabulous summer backdrop.

Throughout the contest the FleuroStar judges were enchanted by the trendy pink-white colour combination and the bi-coloured inner petals sparking off comments such as: ‘Each flower looks like a mini-rose and is a single work of art’. Supported by the international retail experts on the panel who almost unanimously predicted high commercial potential for this Calibrachoa, the FleuroStar 2017/18 was awarded to PinkTastic.


Market Value

This excellent summer performer enjoys all the benefits of the MiniFamous® series. Growers appreciate the easy growth, improved root system, strong branching and mildew tolerance. Retail will adore this newcomer because of its early flowering and unique colour pattern. It’s cute, abundant flowers, excellent garden performance and long flowering period will convince any consumer. PinkTastic, a new garden love story for the entire ornamental chain.

Background Information

Calibrachoa was named after Antonio de la Cal y Bracho, a 19th Century Mexican botanist. The species is closely related to Petunia, but displays major differences in appearance and fertilization. Anita Stöver, breeder at Selecta one: “Ever since I started breeding Calibrachoa I had this vision of creating a rose-flowered Calibrachoa. I’ve greatly improved the rooting, branching and flowering period and when I finally selected this bi-coloured double Calibrachoa, I knew it was something special.” 

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Double flowered Calibrachoa, entirely bi-coloured including the inner petals
Pink and white
Double flowers of approx. 2 cm diameter
Bedding, Container, Hanging Basket
15 cm high, 40 cm wide, mounded plant habit

Use petunia soil. Start feeding not later than 2 weeks after potting, make sure that the plants are given enough Fe. Grow at 20°C day and night for the first three weeks. Start to apply cool mornings as of week 4 to prevent the use of growth retardants. Keep the plants evenly moist and make sure they have lots of light.

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