Begonia hybrid Miss Malibu

Meet Miss Malibu! With its massive dark pink blasts of colour, Miss Malibu brings flavour to the garden. Dümmen Orange’s Winner of the FleuroStar Contest displays a wealth of huge double flowers that simply cannot be overlooked in the garden centre. Thanks to its semi-trailing plant habit, this new hybrid Begonia is perfectly suited for containers, hanging baskets and bedding schemes. Miss Malibu is easy to care for and grows well in partial shade.

A FleuroStar is awarded to the variety with the greatest Wow Factor at point of sale. The jury panel of more than 30 industry professionals especially appreciated this beauty’s huge double, dark pink flowers and strong
plant habit, and immediately recognised the potential of this newcomer to reposition Begonia as a trendy pot and bedding plant. Miss Malibu, a tropical taste in beautiful Begonia.

Market Value

Begonia hybrid Miss Malibu is the brand new Begonia breeding every grower has been waiting for. Its fast cultivation, better branching and improved flower quality are genuine benefits for every production scheme. Retail will adore this newcomer because of its gorgeous big flowers and warm colour. The consumer will be convinced by this winner’s excellent garden performance which has been tested in several weather conditions. Miss Malibu is heat and shade resistant and provides a continuous colour blast on the terrace or in the garden all summer long. Begonia hybrid, the new generation in Begonia.

Background Information

Begonias are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates. The plant was named after Michel Bégon, a previous governor of the French colony Haiti. With Miss Malibu and pastel shaded sister Miss Montréal, Dümmen Orange introduces the new hybrid Begonia breeding line Unbelievable, suited to brighten up sunny and shady spots throughout the entire summer.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New hybrid Begonia breeding, semi trailing plant habit, huge double, dark pink flowers
Dark pink
Double, 10 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
April to first frosts
Bedding, container, hanging basket
Height 25 cm, width 50 cm, mounding to trailing plant habit

Use a well-drained potting soil with an average pH between 5,8 – 6,2. Grow at 20˚C the first two weeks, then lower to 18 ˚C. Fertilize with a nitrate-based liquid after plants have rooted out. If needed, add articifial light to obtain long days. Pinching improves the branching.

In 12-16 cm pots, from week 9 to 15. Approx. 20-30 plants/m2

Registration details

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