Dianthus barbatus Noverna Purple’

Gold Medal

Noverna Purple' offers what many gardeners have been waiting for – a true, 100% annual Sweet William. This beautiful variety flowers 80-100 days after sowing, and has strong, sturdy stems producing a mass of light purple flowers from the end of May through to the end of September. While its compact form and dark green leaves make it a superb bedding plant, 'Noverna Purple' is also an excellent cut flower. Professional and hobby gardeners alike will enjoy a fantastic display all summer long.

In detail

Dianthus belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family, in which there are almost 40 recognised species. Dianthus barbatus originated in China, but has become a European Native. Dianthus barbatus, or Sweet William, is a sweet smelling garden favourite, which has long been among the best-loved flowers for its old fashioned charm, scent and extended flowering season. It produces lovely clusters of scented flower heads on sturdy stems. Until now, it has only been available in biennial or perennial varieties, needing a cold – vernalisation - period in the winter. This has affected the popularity of this traditional favourite, as it tended to flower late in the spring, particularly in cooler climates, and fell between spring and summer plantings. This problem has been solved with the introduction of 'Noverna Purple'. 'Noverna Purple' is the first ever genuine annual Sweet William that does not require a cold period for flower induction. No vernalisation! Which means that this biennial by nature can be grown as an annual with a crop time of only 10-12 weeks. This remarkable technical breakthrough made 'Noverna Purple' a certain Gold Medal Winner in the opinion of the Fleuroselect judges. Once blooming, Noverna continues to produce an abundance of large flower heads with light purple flowers on strong, sturdy stems. The plant demonstrates a strong, well-branched habit which not only performs well in garden borders, but is also beautiful in a container on the patio. 'Noverna Purple' can be sown in February, at 15-18ºC, grow on at 15-18ºC for flowers in May, or sow in week 12-15, transplant 3 weeks later and plant out green from May onwards for a later show of flowers.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Stunning coloured, 100% annual Dianthus
Light purple
Single flowers, 1.5 cm diameter in 7-10 cm clusters
Flowering Period:
May – end September
Annual, F1 hybrid, diploid
Bedding plant
900 seeds per gram (sold by seed count per 1000)
Erect form, compact, 40 cm high, 35 cm wide

Sow in week 4-6 at 15-18ºC; grow at 15-18ºC, transplant 3 weeks later and plant out green from May onwards; potting after 3-5 weeks; plant out 2nd week of May in flower or with buds, or sow in week 12-15

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