Viola x wittrockiana Padparadja

Gold Medal

Padparadja is the name for an exotic, deep orange jewel from Sri Lanki. Fleuroselect Medal Winning Pansy Padparadja will surely make the precious stone famous. They share the bright orange glow, the deepest orange colour ever shown by a Pansy as well as by a jewel.

Padparadja is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Pansy 'Padparadja' is named after a jewel that is found in Sri Lanki. The precious stone looks very exotic with a bright, deep orange glow. Nevertheless it has remained rather unknown, until now. This same orange glow, spread by Pansy 'Padparadja' may very well bring a lot of attention to the jewel. Fleuroselect awarded the orange Viola wittrockiana its Gold Medal. In the trials of the Organization all 20 judges gave the maximum score for the attractiveness of this new variety. This has never happened before. But an attractive novelty also has to excel on the other important issues. 'Padparadja' did and won the medal justifiably. To Professional growers 'Padparadja' will not cause any problems. Like most pansies it can be planted almost year round, but best in Spring and Autumn. Home gardeners produce the 'Padparadja' is perennial and will flower from Spring to Autumn, if the plants are trimmed back with garden shears after the first flowering period. Unlike many other bedding plants you will never get tired of Pansies. Especially since many beautiful new colours have been introduced by Fleuroselect and its members. These Medal Winning pansies, like Jolly Joker, Imperial Gold Princess and the beautiful Viola wittrockiana 'Padparadja'open the future for longer flowering gardens and balconies. Their colours set the trend for the nineties in colour and decoration for our homes and gardens.

Technical information

Deep orange
Round, flower diameter 5 cm
Flowering Period:
Early Spring to late Autumn
Open pollinated, tetraploid, annual
Bedding plant for growers and home gardeners
750 seeds per gram, 1.5 grams for 1000 plants, approx. 85% germination at 15°C.
Height 20 cm., spread 20 cm., frost resistant

Follow normal practice for pansies

Follow normal practice for pansies

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