Verbena Peaches and Cream

Gold Medal

The breeder of Verbena hybrida Peaches and Cream must have been inspired by interior decorators and landscapers: The fashionable soft pastel colours of the early nineties and the warm orange shades of coming years are combined in one plant. Therefore the reasons for awarding it the Fleuroselect Gold Medal are the same as the reasons for success: Attraction and Distinction.

Verbena hybrida Peaches and Cream is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Peaches and Cream is a lovely new Verbena hybrida. The colours are a reminder of a nectarine, pastel shades from coral via yellow and salmon to orange. The name also refers to another tasty fruit, the peach. Peaches and Cream reflects the same impression of colours for which Fleuroselect awarded it the Gold Medal. No other Verbena looks alike, nor does any other bedding plant. Yet, the range of colours represented is very fashionable for both interior and land-scaping schemes. This might cause a worldwide success for "Peaches and Cream" and a new trend in breeding. All judges at the 20 Fleuroselect trial grounds in Europe highly appreciated this new Verbena for uniformity, growth, floridity and length of flowering time, but they gave the maximum score for it's attractiveness and distinctness. In the U.S.A. Peaches and Cream had the same effect on the A.A.S. trials judges and received the 1992 A.A.S. Flower Award. Apart from esthetic features Peaches and Cream is a good and reliable Verbena. It can easily be grown by hobby gardeners and professional growers. In the garden it has excellent qualities, such as little maintenance, free flowering and good climate tolerance. Many flower seed catalogues will feature Peaches and Cream as a 1992 novelty. Moreover, we may see a large number of garden books, magazines and catalogues featuring it on the front page.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New and very distinct colour
Mixture of pastel colours and shades in five-petalled flowers
Annual, open-pollinated bedding plant
Gardening and landscaping
470 seeds per gram
20 x 25 cm., dark green foliage

Registration details

Takii Seed/Sahin
Entry number: