Begonia x tuberhybrida Pin Up

Gold Medal

Begonia Tuberosa Pin-Up scored high points from all 20 expert judges of Fleuroselect for its earliness, its distinctness and its long and rich flowering. For other attributes it was always "better" than the comparable varieties. That's how this "tender white with rose edge" Pin-Up won the Gold Medal.

In detail

Begonia Tuberosa Pin-Up scored high on all qualifications in the Fleuroselect Trials for Pack and Garden Performance. The earliness and distinctness are the most high regarded features of this new variety. Most surprising are the huge single flowers, notable for their tender white colour, with deep rose edges. They appear very early and last for a long time. Pin-Up is a most suitable name for this Gold Medal Winning Begonia. The other strong features of Pin-Up are of main importance to Professional growers, who can produce flowering bedding plants and also beautiful pot plants. They score high on earliness, uniformity, durability and shelflife. As bedding plants Pin-Up can be planted out in flower beds, tubs and window boxes after the last frosts. Home gardeners cannot raise Begonia tuberosa easily. The satisfaction though, for those that succeed, is most rewarding. The result is an accomplishment by itself from such tiny seeds. But purchased at the garden center Pin-Up will be very satisfactory when its flower power and vigour show off in the garden or the window. Begonia Tuberosa Pin-Up cannot avoid drawing attention. Therefore it should be placed alone or near contrasting colours and plants, such as Lobelia Compliment Scarlet or Alyssum maritimum Snow Crystals.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Earliness, distinctness and long and rich flowering
Tender white with rose edges
Single round flowers, diameter 10 cm.
Flowering Period:
Spring to Autumn
F1 Hybrid
Bedding plant
Approx. 50,000 seeds per gram, 1/20 gram for 1000 plants
Height 20 cm., spread 20 cm., green, tender

Sow 2nd. half December. Use sifted soil for sowing. Relatively high air humidity and low direct Sun light. Proceed growing as with other Begonia Tuberosa. Germinating at 20-22°C in 14-21 days.

Transplant after frost.

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