Petunia grandiflora Prism Sunshine

Gold Medal

With the arrival of Prism Sunshine a light yellow Petunia is finally available which does not fade or turn brown. Prism Sunshine has a short culture period, is very compact and uniform and is, last but not least, just a really beautiful plant, rightly winning the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Already better in the greenhouse, Prism Sunshine really comes into its own from May until October, when it illuminates your garden, balcony or patio. Once outside, the compact plants grow to reach a vigorous 35 cm height and 50 cm width. The international organisation of plant breeders, Fleuroselect, honoured 'Prism Sunshine' also for its earliness and floriferousness over a long period, emphasising that this Petunia belongs to one of the most adored and successful group of summer flowering plants.

Prism Sunshine is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Petunias belong to the Solanaceae and come originally from South America. The current hybrid varieties originate from crosses between Petunia axillaris and P. violacea. The most important culture groups are the large flowering (Grandiflora) and the slightly smaller (Multiflora). In addition the hanging types, such as the "Surfinia" and "Wave" series, and small flowering types ("Milliflora") are gaining ground strongly. Thanks to new, fashionable sorts and colours, Petunia is still one of the most popular summer flowers. The attractively coloured plants require little care and can tolerate sun and heat, but need regular watering. The yellow, grandiflora Petunia Prism Sunshine earned the Gold Medal for its compactness, uniformity (F1 hybrid), rapid growth but predominantly for its beautiful, light yellow flowers that in contrast to existing yellow varieties, do not fade or discolour. In the garden it grows to form an impressive plant with a very attractive radiating colour, that flowers abundantly over a long period. Petunias are usually purchased in flower, but Prism Sunshine is perfect for hobby gardeners to sow. In the middle of May or after the frost, the Petunia can be planted outside in the garden or in pots on a sunny patio or balcony. Ensure good porous ground, sufficient water and not too much fertiliser. The sunny colour contrasts superbly against the dark ground, or against darker tinted flowers such as other Petunias, Fuchsia 'Florabelle' or scarlet Lobelia speciosa. This medal winning Petunia really comes into glory standing alone between low bushes and leafy plants, bringing a ray of sunshine to the garden or the balcony.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
First colourfast, yellow Petunia; rapid, easy growing
Light yellow
Single flower, diameter 8 cm
Flowering Period:
May until late October
F1 hybrid, diploid, annual
Patio, balcony and garden plant for both professional and hobby gardeners
9000 seeds per gram, 90% germination at 24 °C in light and semi damp conditions in 10-12 days
Intermediate upright habit, garden height 35 cm, diameter 50 cm, green leaves

Sow in February, pot after 2-3 weeks. Grow on at 24°C

Plant out after the last frosts in a sunny spot

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