Zinnia x hybrida Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

All eyes on this new bicolor for the famous Profusion series! This winner combines the strong performance of the series with an innovative colour combination of yellow and red. As the blooms age, the hues transform into attractive shades of rosy red, pink and apricot, offering an unequalled colour display on one plant.

Growers will see their turnover increase thanks to this Zinnia’s short production time and strong disease tolerance. Retailers will appreciate this maintenance-free annual with long shelf-life for bench displays. Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor is easy to maintain in the garden and convinces consumers with an incredible performance all season long.

The judges stated: "Remarkable colour mix thanks to colour changing of older flowers; long lasting variety with very good landscape performance."

Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor is also the recipient of an AAS (All-America Selections) Gold Medal for performance in North American trials.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
More stable and vivid bicolor and a new color combination of striking Rosy Red and Yellow.
Rosy Red and Yellow Bicolor
Single | Diameter: 6 cm | Days sowing to flowering: 60
Flowering Period:
May to October
Annual | O.P. | Tetraploid
450 seeds/gram
Height: 35 cm | Spread: 35 cm | Plant form: Mounded | Leaf colour: Green | Leaf shape: Lanceolate

Sowing temparature: 20-25 °C | Sowig time pack: March | Sowing tim garden: April | Sowing conditions: Cover seeds by vermiculite | Germination conditions: Optimum media is PH5.5-6.5

Grow at: 15-25 °C | Transplanting: 3-4 weeks after sowing | Plant out: When 6-8 true leaves appeared | Light: Full sun | Growth regulator: none | Cultivation: Use well drained sterile medium pH 5.5-6.5, never let dry out. | Container size: 10.5 cm

Planting distance: 30cm x 30 cm | Tender bedding | Sunny spot

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
8 years years
Expiry Date: