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Osteospermum ecklonis Purple Sun


Imagine the summer sun setting over the ocean? That romantic reflection is the colour play of the latest Osteospermum ecklonis from Selecta one. Several shades of orange fade into a deep purple ring that surrounds the heart of the flower.

The FleuroStar contest is looking for the winner with the wow factor, i.e. the new pot and bedding plant with the highest visual impact and commercial potential, and this Osteo absolutely fits the bill. The expert jury was impressed with the striking colour combination and the abundance of blooms that are certain to generate impulse sales. Moreover, Purple Sun branches well and can easily be integrated in any Osteo production plan. Purple Sun is set to warm hearts around the world.

Market Value

Growers will love Purple Sun’s excellent branching and easily controllable plant habit meaning ease of production and high sales. This variety can be perfectly integrated in any existing Osteo production scheme. As clearly demonstrated during the FleuroStar Contest, the flower abundance with enchanting orange-purple colour combination will genuinely shine at point of sale. This beaming plant catches the eye from afar and will convince many plant lovers. Consumers will love the nonfading petals and excellent outdoor performance. Purple Sun will warm the entire industry!

Background Information

Over the years, breeder Selecta one has built a very strong reputation in the pot and bedding plant market. Thanks to propagation material with excellent root and plant quality, any plant gets kickstarted in its production cycle. Previous FleuroStar winners such as Petunia NightSky and Calibrachoa PinkTastic, as well as marketing phenomenon Dianthus Pink Kisses, are just some of their recent successes. Combining a stunning flower colour combination with a strong, well branching plant, Purple Sun has all it takes to become the next addition to Selecta one’s hall of fame.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Unique colour combination of bicolor orange petals with a purple ring; improved summer performance
several shades of orange with a purple ring
single, 6 cm diameter
Bedding, container
Cutting-item, available as URC or RC Height 25-30 cm, spread 30-40 cm, mounding habit

Apply short fogs for optimal rooting. After potting, the night temperature should be kept around 16 - 18 °C. and the day temperature around 20 - 22 °C until the plants have branched well and the side shoots have a length of 1.5 cm. Use a clay holding substrate and water regularly. Pinch the plants one week after potting. Give maximum light and apply cool mornings for early flowering.

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