Verbena Quartz Burgundy

Gold Medal

The colour of the Verbena Quartz Burgundy is new, stunning and totally up to date with current trends. In the increasingly visible Quartz series, Burgundy matches its purple beauty to the germination capacity, powerful growth and uniformity which has made this group of Verbenas so popular in such a short time. Quartz Burgundy matches all the criteria required for a good summer flower, but the colour was the decision maker for Fleuroselect in awarding its prestigious Gold Medal. Realising that this deep, warm shade of purple contrasts so well with natural colours, the garden architects have lead the way in setting the colour trend. The challenge has now been passed to flower breeders to come up with the corresponding varieties and the breeder of Quartz Burgundy has succeeded as one of the first in the market place. A more beautiful and better Verbena simply does not exist.

Verbena Quartz Burgundy is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Hail the entry of Verbena Quartz Burgundy. The breeder has succeeded in developing a trendy Verbena which will appeal to both the grower and the consumer; the grower because of its reliability, growth and powdery mildew resistance, the consumer because of the unique colour, broad plant form and explosion of flowers. The sum total of all these qualities lead the Fleuroselect judges to award this superb new variety the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Verbenas are becoming increasingly more popular as garden plants for sunny spots. Bigger flowers, more expansive growth and increasing floridity have increased their appeal. Quartz 'Burgundy' is especially attractive as its deep colour contrasts so effectively with the light natural colours that are currently popular in both the home and garden. While a striking display can be achieved in combination for instance with the soft pink shades of the Nicotiana 'Havana Appleblossom' (a 1995 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner) a pot of single colour on the patio or balcony is also superb. Verbenas originate from the American continent and 'Burgundy' is a further development in the Quartz series. This series has become very popular in a short time, due mainly to the germination capacity. The reliability of the seed is especially important for the professional grower and in contrast to the older Verbena varieties, it is no longer necessary to sow three seeds per pot or plug. Thanks to the 85% germination double sowing in the Quartz series is a thing of the past. Finally, due to a better tolerance to powdery mildew, spraying can be reduced, resulting in a cleaner crop and lower costs.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New colour in Verbena together with broader growth.
Flower heads with a 7 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
April to September
Annual, open pollinated, diploid
Bedding and container plant for professional growers and amateur gardeners
420 seeds per gram
Spreading mound form, up to 30 cm high and 35 cm wide; dark green leaves

Sow in February. 85% germination at approx. 25 °C in 10-14 days when kept slightly moist. Grow on in packs at 15-18°C; flowers after approx. 12 weeks in a sunny spot; moderate fertilizer and moisture programme, high powdery mildew tolerance

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
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